Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jo Kwon, Sulli, and Kikwang to step down from ‘Inkigayo’

It’s being reported that Jo KwonSulli, and Kikwang from SBS‘s ‘Inkigayo‘ will be stepping down from their MC positions. After discussing the matter with their respective agencies, they decided to withdraw because of their busy schedules.
‘Inkigayo’ PD, Kwak Seung Young, stated, “Because we have yet to decide who will take over as MC’s, we are currently holding discussions with the three singers’ agencies about the timeline for their resignation. This system will probably be maintained until the beginning of November, but replacement MC’s will be found soon.”
Jo Kwon and Sulli became ‘Inkigayo’ MC’s in July of last year alongside CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa. After Yonghwa stepped down in February, IU and Kikwang joined the remaining duo.


Which idol would make a good CEO of an entertainment company?

On the popular music portal Monkey 3, a survey for “The idol who would perform well as a CEO of an entertainment company” was conducted from October 13th through the 19th. The nominees included 2AM’s Jo KwonBig Bang’s SeungriINFINITE’s WoohyunKim Hyun Joong2PM’s Taecyeon,and B2ST’s Kikwang.
Kim Hyun Joong obtained 1st place by a huge margin, receiving 47% of the total votes. Following behind were Jo Kwon with 16%, Seungri with 14%, Kikwang with 9%, Woohyun with 8%, and Taecyeon with 5% of the votes.
Netizens who selected Kim Hyun Joong commented, “If he had the skills to make 100,000,000 Won (~$90,000 USD) by just simply working part time before he actually debuted, he will probably be able to bring in a lot of profit for his company,” and “He has strong leadership and a good sense of responsibility so he will probably be able to lead the company well.”


Doojoon in talks for leading male role in ‘Full House 2′

Industry insiders revealed on October 21st that Doojoon was a likely candidate for the leading male role in the upcoming drama, Full House 2.
Cube Entertainment stated, “We’re currently looking over the offer. Because of B2ST’s overseas activities and the need to balance his schedule, we haven’t confirmed his casting quite yet. We are interested in the role, however.”
According to representatives, Doojoon is the biggest candidate to star alongside actress  Min Hyo Rin. Both are showing high interest in their respective roles, and their agencies are steering discussions in a positive direction.
Doojoon already has acting experience with supporting roles in two MBC dramas, so representatives are looking forward to how he’ll handle a leading role so fast.
‘Full House 2′ will be broadcast through Japan’s TBS next March before making its way over to Korea.

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Kikwang's New MBC Drama

Kikwang in his new MBC drama "I’m A Flower Too". This is what keeps him busy nowadays. His character is a police officer named, Jo Maru. The new MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama Production Press Conference is to be held on the 31st. The first broadcast will be aired on Nov 2. The cast is spearheaded by Lee Ji Ah and Yoon Si-Yoon...

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B2ST Photos in the 31st National Disabled Sports Festival Closing Ceremony


Celebrity soccer team FC Men wins the ’2011 Peace Star Cup’

On October 19th, the FC Men faced off against the Miracle FC (led by gagman Kim Yong Man at the Suwon World Cup Stadium. In the final round, the FC Men were able to turn the tables and come away with a final score of 4:3.
Junsu, Doojoon  and  Kikwang Park Sung Kwang, and many other teammates were applauded for showing skills on par with that of a professional soccer player. Junsu and Yoon Kyung Shik worked together to shoot a total of four goals for the team.
Doojoon was honored the position of ‘Man of the Year’ by the Samsung Bluewings for his outstanding performance.


Kikwang and Doojoon shoots for a CF