Monday, January 31, 2011

DooJoon Admits that the Kissing Scene with Ga-In was Exciting

In the SBS Strong Heart episode that is to be aired today, February 1st, Doojoon talked about the kiss scene he had with Ga In in MBC’s sitcom All My Love. 
He said, ‘During the filming, I felt that there might be a kissing scene at any moment, so I was mentally prepared for it, but honestly as a red blooded male, I was excited for it.’
Jokwon who plays Ga In’s fake husband in MBC’S We Got Married is also starring in this sitcom but has a mild rivalry with Doojoon because he plays as Ga In's brother. 
Doojoon who has a good relationship with him in the story said,'When we film kissing scenes, Jokwon’s face will appear in my mind. Honestly, it was a bit of a burden.’ He admitted that the shot took 15 takes before the perfected it. 
This episode aired today, February 1st at 11.05 PM KST.


Beast to Guest in Navi's Concert

Navi will be holding her first solo concert entitled ‘Hello’ at the Hongdae Sangsangmadang Concert Hall in Seoul on the 11th to 13th February. It was a good valentine special for all her fans.
And in the said concert Beast together with  Mighty Mouth and Kim Tae Woo will be guest supporting acts 

CREDITS: nate, beastchina, mbbwp

Fans Worry About YoSeob's Health

With the latest news that YoSeob was cast in a musical 'Gwanghwamun Sonata', a lot of fans expressed their worries about his health.

Being in such a project requires him to allot more time for practice in singing, dancing and acting all at the same time and to think that he was also the main vocalist of his group BEAST and they were preparing for their ENCORE concert and their Japanese debut now.

YoSeob probably is one of the busiest young people in the world today but definitely living a sensible life.

His agency, CUBE Entertainment released a statement, ” Because of Beast’s encore concert, Japanese debut and comeback preparations, it is of course taxing on Yoseob to appear in a musical, but he thinks that starring in a good production is a very good opportunity for him, so his dejection on missing out on this chance made him decide to act in it in the end. Of course his schedule is very hectic, but right now his top priority is to maintain his current condition as an artist, so he has put a lot of thought into getting enough rest.”

The said musical will open on the 20th of March at the Seoul Sejong Cultural Centre’s Grand Theater and has started selling tickets since the 25th of January. He would play a role of one of the son of the main character. Songs by composer Lee Young Hoon will be used. 

CREDITS: mbbwp, nate, beastchina

YoSeob Casted in GWANGHWAMUN SONATA, a Musical

Finally, YoSeob was casted in a musical, it will be his very first stage play musical performance and it was just right for him to be in one being one of the best singers that originate from famous idol groups nowadays.

He attended the press conference of the said musical in Seoul Plaza Hotel’s Grand Ballroom on January 24th right after he came from the recording of Idol Athletic Sports Championship. 

He even tweeted that day that he didn't have the chance to sleep at all and needed to head at once to the press conference.

He told the reporters that he was hesitant before to take up the cast offer. “When my company first asked me if I knew of any song by composer Lee Young Hoon, I realized that I didn’t. When they asked me whether I knew ‘Red Sunset,‘ I said that I had heard it before. The company told me that I could be considered for a role in the musical, ‘Gwanghwamun Sonata,’ which left me worried since I didn’t know any song by composer Lee.”

Yoseob continued, “Afterwards, I found out more about the composer and heard more things about senior Lee Moon Sae and director Lee Jina; I then wanted to take part in the musical. I’ll be working hard to ensure that I do not cause harm to the musical.”

Yoseob will be playing as ‘Jiyong,’ the son of the two leading roles.

Director Lee Jina added, “Yang Yoseob and Heo Gyu were double-cast for one role. The difference between their ages are vast, but I think Yoseob will fit the role since he’s closer to the age of ‘Jiyong.’ Heo Gyu is a bit older, but because of his youthful looks, he’ll be able to bring out the 21-year-old ‘Jiyong.’”
Over 30 songs will be used for the musical, which is scheduled to run from March 20th to April 10th at the Sejong Culture Theater Hall.

Source: Sports Today, alkpop, mbbwp

DongWoon Tweeted his Photo when he was a Kid

Last January 28, Dongwoon revealed a young photo of his. 

Fans have seen his pre-debut photos before but this one was shot quite earlier than those as this was taken during his grade school days. 

It is definitely clear in the photo that this guy has a natural good looks even as  a kid. His V-Jawline was very obvious even way back.

Many fans have responded and said that he looks exactly the same as he was in his younger age.

CREDITS: mbbwp, allkpop, dongwoon twitter

BEAST is one of the KPOP Boy Groups Expected to be Huge in Japan in 2011

Since their debut in 2009, Beast has been in and out of small stints in Japan but there never was a formal launching of any album.

Their only considered formal showcase was the one held last November 2010, which was attended by at least 10,000 Japanese B2UTYS.

Beast who have released many songs and albums in Korea and other parts of Asia will soon be releasing their Japanese Album on the 23rd of March. 

It is expected that they will go head to head with two other Korean boy groups 2PM and Shinee who will also be promoting in Japan at the same time. 

But definitely with their dance skills, singing and rapping talent partnered with oozing good looks these boys are expected to be big hit in Japan.  

In the last press release by Tower Records Japan, BEAST is currently occupying 5 spots in their Top 10 pre-order album sales, which they said was rare for a foreign debuting band in Japan.

Hopes are high for both the boys and their mother agency, CUBE Entertainment, that this will be a very fruitful start of the year for them. 

HongKi and JunHyung Wear Couple Tee

HongKi posted in his twitter account last January 25, a picture of him and JunHyung wearing the so-called "COUPLE T-SHIRTS" and he wrote a caption “Couple tee…Definitely not gay, kekekeke”.

It was clear in the picture that the friendship between this two guys are growing each day and they enjoy doing adventures together in their free times.

In the past pictures they posted, they boarded the subway train wearing disguises together while being scared that someone might recognize them.

credits: hongki twitter, allkpop

Comedian Song Yong Gil Embarrasses DooJoon

Comedian Song Yong Gil gave DooJoon some strong and unexpected words in the 30th episode of KBS2TV’S Gag Concert. Of course, anyone who guests in this show knows they could not avouid humiliation, not even DooJoon.
Song Yong Gil told Doojoon, ” You were very happy when Lee Hyori said you were her ideal type, weren’t you? She only said those silly words because she’s old.” , making everyone laugh.
He then continued by saying, "I will now show the difference between us.” He then used screams from the audience to test whose more popular. Because the screams for Doojoon are louder, he joked,’ Why is it so quiet in here?’
He said once more, ‘Scream if you think I’m handsome. I know everyone will scream up to three octaves until their throats bleed.’, making the audience even laugh more.
After showing off the fat under his eyes, the comedian told Doojoon ," I’ll grow tired of you if I keep seeing you. Can you go down?’"
And Doojoon could not do anything but bring the humiliation with him and exit.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gun-I Remains Loyal to the Princess

In a recent photo posted by MBC My Princess homepage, KiKwang could be seen in his chef's uniform in the palace balcony staring at the sky as if dreaming of something. 

It came with the caption, ‘Our Kikwang’s chef-dol pose, how can the princess noona not see it? Our chef’s innocence, keke, please anticipate episode 9 next Wednesday! The cameraman in front comes from Japan, he’s in the midst of recording for a Japanese feature on Beast.’

Many viewers were concerned lately as they were not seeing Gun-i (Kikwang's character) in the recent episodes.

Kikwang's character plays a very strong and loyal supporting character to Lee Seol, the princess, which is played by Kim TaeHee


DongWoon to Enter College

Even with their very busy schedule, BEAST has a way of managing their time very well. 

DooJoon is currently busy with his sitcom, All My Love; YoSeob is about to start in his musical "Gwanghwamun Sonata" in March; Kikwang, who is probably the busiest right now, has MBC Sunday Night's Hot Brothers, KBS2 WinWin and recently added drama to his schedule is MBC My Princess. 

And all of them are busy attending and guesting in different shows while preparing for their Encore concert this February and their Japanese promotion this March.

Although everyone of them has their own individual projects, DongWoon is the member who has the wishes to enter college and get a degree.

It was revealed recently by their agency, CUBE Entertainment that he passed the entrance examination in Konkuk University and will be taking up a course in Image and Film.

It can be remembered that during their trip to Malaysia for the DiGi Kpop Live Showcase, DongWoon left Seoul a little later than the others as he has some business to do with his college.

All the other members of course were so happy to have a maknae who will soon be entering college and earn his degree in the future. 

Source: allkpop, newsen

KiKwang Gets Humiliated Once More, Now as an Avatar Date

An episode ago in MBC Hot Brothers, Kikwang made a girl cry that caused him not to gain some points that he needed to win in the challenge given to him.

And this Sunday's episode, he played together with FT Island's Lee Hongki as avatar dates of Park Myung Soo and Park Hui Sun

In the date he asked the lady, "Who is your favorite artist?" The lady answered that she liked Beast so much. This, of course delighted Kikwang. But then the lady continued by saying "But I like DooJoon a lot". And KiKwang suddenly lost his smile.

To lighten up his mood he then asked again with a fighting spirit, "If you were to choose between me and DooJoon, who would you choose?" 

The lady didn't even blink and answered "Honestly, it would be DooJoon." What could be more humiliating than that answer?

HongKi who was there too, tried his luck by asking " Do you like me or Jung Yonghwa better? ". And the lady answered again that she liked YongHwa better.  And it was a quite embarrassing for HongKi as well.

CREDITS: mbbwp, beastchina, starnews

Saturday, January 29, 2011

BEAST reveals March 23rd to be their debut date for Japan

After finishing their encore concerts in Korea on February 18 and 19, BEAST is will be headed to Japan for their official Japanese debut. Earlier today, the "Shock" album release date was revealed to be March 23, 2011.

There will be three "Limited Edition" versions (A, B, C). Version A includes box packaging, as well as a special edition "JAPAN DEBUT PREMIUM T-Shirt". Version B includes the music video and DVD, and version C has a live DVD planned. Each version will also have its own jacket photo. Additionally, there will be special events held with the tickets collected from inside the albums. These events will take place on March 26th and 27th in Tokyo and Osaka, respectively.

A two disk DVD will also be released, including music videos (filmed in Korea), and a documentary. Are you excited to see BEAST "Shock" Japan?

Recently, it was revealed by TOWER RECORDS Japan that the BEAST albums is occupying at least half of their pre-order charts including Top1 and 2. They said this is rare for a debut album. 

A huge anticipation is expected from Japanese B2UTYS.

Source: Far Eastern Tribe Records, Universal Music Japan,

Thursday, January 27, 2011

BEAST Occupies half of the Charts for Pre-Order Sales in Tower Records Japan

Tower Records has revealed today that BEAST is currently occupying at least 5 spots from the Top 10 spots of album pre-ordered sales from Top 1.

On January 25th, fans noted that BEAST had locked down the top two spots on the chart with their “SHOCK [CD + DVD] Limited Edition C” at #1, and “Limited Edition B” at #2.

BEAST’s first DVD, ‘SO, BEAST – THE CLIPS’ placed 5th on the chart. And they are also occupying the # 8 and # 9 spot.

The remarkable thing about this is that BEAST had nothing but just a mini-showcase with 10,000 fans there last year and no formal launching or promotions yet. 

Many are also saying that it is also rare for an album debut to take over half of the charts and even land on the two top spots.

This is surely the biggest sign of success for BEAST, as another Korean boy group to become huge in Japan.

Not to mention the ever growing fanbase of BEAST from different parts of the world not only from Asia but even in Europe and America. 

Recently, beastchina had express their support for the boys by attending the Idol Athletic Sports Championship. The official fancafe, B2STRISING also has a record of increasing population every week. 

BEAST is set to promote in Japan starting next month.

CREDITS: allkpop, DAUM

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

4Minute SoHyun Pose with BEAST

SoHyun of 4Minute updated her twitter in the early hours of January 27 by posting some pictures. One picture she was posing together with her members and the other picture was with the 4 BEAST members JunHyung, YoSeob, HyunSeung and DongWoon.

They are currently in the recording of  Celebrity Marathon Championship when the shot was taken.

CREDITS: SoHyun's twitter, dkpopnews

BEAST Mini- Concert Delayed for 2 Hours

The Beast concert held last January 26 at the Seoul Gwangjingu AX Korea for charity was delayed for two hours due to the squeezing of fans among the audience.

The show should have started at 2PM but it started at 4PM.

Later on after the event, DooJoon and YoSeob both tweeted their thank you's to the fans who attended and also emphasized their concerns about the safety of their fans during the show.

The mini-concert was co-produce by BBQ Chicken, the biggest food chain of BBQ Chicken in Korea right now. 

During the show also, some rare BEAST stuff were sold in an auction and the money collected will be donated to kids who were suffering from Leukemia.

CREDITS: STARNEWS, dkpopnews, b2strising

DooJoon's Childhood Photo Revealed by his Sister

Today, DooJoon's sister tweeted his childhood picture and she describes little DooJoon as a kid who really likes the microphone. 

DooJoon tweeted back to his sister saying "Don't upload things like that, it is embarrassing"

The picture was taken when he was 6 years old and DooJoon was making a speech in the church.

The picture was so adorable, see for yourself.

CREDITS: allkpop

DongWoon's and Gikwang's Teaser for the ENCORE Concert Released

Last January 21st, DongWoon's teaser for the Encore Concert was released and today KiKwang's version was released as well both videos were short but with a narration and a background music of the digital singles they released during their BEAST Airlines Concert.

ENCORE concert would be held in Seoul Olympic Stadium on the 18th and 19th of February. Currently, BEAST and dance/choreographers 'Prepix' are busy with all the preparations for the said concert. 

Watch the videos here: 

CREDITS: beastofficial

Jung Jinwoon and Yang Yoseob’s Crazy Mutiny

A fan-made video was uploaded in youtube which was taken from the recording of the Idol Athletic Sports Championship last Sunday and they entitled it Jung Jinwoon and Yang Yoseob’s crazy mutiny.

In the video, viewers can see YoSeob and JinWoon extending both arms at each other and pinching one another's cheeks, unfortunately for YoSeob who is 15cm shorter than JinWoon cannot reach JinWoon's face. 

YoSeob was actually a hyung to JinWoon as he was an 89er while JinWoon is 91er.

In the end of the cute video, JinWoon finally gave his hyung a hug. 

CREDITS: dkpopnews, allkpop, starnews

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DongWoon and Key's Pose Attract Attention

During the 10-hour recording of Idol Athletic Sports Championship in Jamsil Stadium, a lot of idols including 4 BEAST members attended the event.

One of the idol groups who is also present at that time is Shinee. Many fans know that Key and DongWoon, who are both 91ers by birth are really good friends.

There was a photo taken by a fan that ere attracting so much attention from the fans. In the photo, Dongwoon looked-like he was proposing to Key while Key was too overwhelmed in surprise.

It was one of the funny highlights in the sideline while the event was taking place.

CREITS: dkpopnews, shakizi

HyunSeung and SeungRi Prove their Closeness

In a picture posted by HyunSeung in his YOZM, he took a picture together with BigBang's SeungRi who was recently revealed by fellow BigBang member TOP to have been hit a bit by HyunSeung during their trainee days just because of not cooking meat. 

According to the funny story, during that time it was only HyunSeung and DaeSung who gets to cook the meat for everyone and SeungRi simply does not participate for the reason he said, that he doesn't know how to cook. And one night, HyunSeung and SeungRi went out together to buy some vitamin drinks and when they got back to the dorm, SeungRi was holding one of his cheeks and he says, it does not hurt so much and both his hyungs TOP and GDragon laughed while DaeSung was awaken from his nap. Later the two hyungs scolded the three.

And during the recording of the "Idol Sports Athletic Championship in Jamsil Stadium, HyunSeung and SeungRi wanted to prove it to both B2UTYS and VIPS, and all the netizens that they were really still close up to now even after being separated for quite sometime since they were put in different idol groups.

In his YOZM message, HyunSeung put a caption ‘This is the kind of relationship we have ^^ In future Seungri will cook the barbecued meat.’ 

CREDITS: beastchina, mbbwp, dkpopnews

Monday, January 24, 2011

Beast Getting Even More Popular from Asian Fans

In the recent recording of the MBC Idol Athletic Sports Championship last January 23-24, a lot of Beast fans were in attendance.

The supposed start of the recording is 5PM but it started at 8PM. Beast arrived at 10PM, as expected only 4 members came, minus DooJoon and KiKwang.

A very loud uproar from the crowd came when they saw the presence of the 4 Beast members. Even the event that was happening in the court was a bit distracted with the noise.

The commentator even said, ” Beast who recently became a huge power, please look over here and wave.”

There was a huge banner from the crowd that was brought up by BEAST China fan club and it was really a sign of their ever-growing popularity among Asian fans.

The event was filmed for 10 hours and will be aired on February 5th and 6th.

CREDITS: mbbwp, BeastChina

Sunday, January 23, 2011

KiKwang Made a Girl Cry

Group BEAST’s Lee Kikwang had made his fake girlfriend cry.
In the episode of ‘Hot Brothers’ broadcasted on the 23rd, the show was centered on the topic, “Do you want to be a Oppa? Or a Hyung?” and a popularity poll took place with Park Myungsoo, Tak Jaehoon, Park Hwisoon, Tony Ahn, Simon D., and Lee Kikwang. In the group of 50 people consisting of 25 males and 25 females, if one member got the most votes for the males, they become the best hyung and the best oppa if one member gets the most votes from the females.
On this day, the members of ‘Hot Brothers’ played hard to win the hearts of the voters. Lee Kikwang was situated in a simulation in which it was a 100 day anniversary with his “fake” girlfriend. He had played the role of the man who hadn’t prepared anything and eventually made the girl cry.
However, Lee Kikwang had even shown her a crazy comic dance, but instead of the tears stopping, she started to cry even more.
Eventually Lee Kikwang faced the embarrassment of getting 0 votes from both the females and males.


YoSeob's Funny Comment about DooJoon and KiKwang

In KBS2 100 Points Out of 100 that was aired last January 22, YoSeob was talking about his Beast mates who have great fashion senses. One of the hosts, Park Kyung Lim, asked if he was referring to DooJoon and KiKwang, but with an innocent reply cutie YoSeob said "Is it the only two of them who are famous?" and the set was filled with laughter all of a sudden. He said he was referring to HyunSeung and JunHyung who have great sense of styles over everyone else in the group.

Later on, YoSeob also made an impersonation of Park No Shik’s character from the  movie Memories Of Murder.

CREDITS: NATE, beastchina, mbbwp

Thursday, January 20, 2011

BEAST will be Participating in the Idol Athletic Sports Competition

Due to the success of the Idol Star Athletics Competition aired last year during Chuseok Festival, there will be a  follow-up special entitled "Idol Star Athletics and Swimming Championships " to be aired on February 5 and 6.

It will be recorded at Seoul Songpa-Gu Jamsil Stadium and Gymnasium.

In the said competition special, Beast will be participating with JunHyung, HyunSeung, Dongwoon and YoSeob only. DooJoon and KiKwang will not attend due to personal reasons. 

There will be a total of 24 races including the 100m sprints, 50m hurdle, and high jump. The event is being coordinated with the National Athletics Federation. 

CREDITS: Newsen via Nate, mbbwp

YoSeob Reveals his Ideal Girl

In the MBC gag show "For the First Time, Beast and Rainbow are guested for the first time and there were segments that they will have to appear too and act in fake dates. 

YoSeob was assigned to appear in "I Want to Know Beast" and had a fake date with Rainbow's No Eul. You can observe how shock YoSeob is when suddenly his date made a pikachu impersonation for an intro.

No Eul can see how shy YoSeob is even it was just a fake date.

Then she asked if YoSeob has ideal type of girl in her group but he says that his ideal type was a cute girl with a long hair.

The MC butted in saying, why can't just YoSeob say that No Eul is not his ideal type and the set was filled with laughter.

The show was aired last January 19 in MBC.

Credits: MBC

BEAST Won Bonsang Award in 20th Seoul Music Awards

Last year they won the Rookie Award and now the Bonsang. Could it be better than this?

Being one of the busiest idol groups in Korea right now, BEAST has proven once more that they are not just simple performers nor scrap group from which they were trademarked earlier in their career. 

This award is a mark of the great leap in their career.

Performing both SOOM and Shock, the awards night has been very much fulfilling for the boys.

credits: kpopflash, youtube