Monday, January 31, 2011

BEAST is one of the KPOP Boy Groups Expected to be Huge in Japan in 2011

Since their debut in 2009, Beast has been in and out of small stints in Japan but there never was a formal launching of any album.

Their only considered formal showcase was the one held last November 2010, which was attended by at least 10,000 Japanese B2UTYS.

Beast who have released many songs and albums in Korea and other parts of Asia will soon be releasing their Japanese Album on the 23rd of March. 

It is expected that they will go head to head with two other Korean boy groups 2PM and Shinee who will also be promoting in Japan at the same time. 

But definitely with their dance skills, singing and rapping talent partnered with oozing good looks these boys are expected to be big hit in Japan.  

In the last press release by Tower Records Japan, BEAST is currently occupying 5 spots in their Top 10 pre-order album sales, which they said was rare for a foreign debuting band in Japan.

Hopes are high for both the boys and their mother agency, CUBE Entertainment, that this will be a very fruitful start of the year for them. 

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