Saturday, January 29, 2011

BEAST reveals March 23rd to be their debut date for Japan

After finishing their encore concerts in Korea on February 18 and 19, BEAST is will be headed to Japan for their official Japanese debut. Earlier today, the "Shock" album release date was revealed to be March 23, 2011.

There will be three "Limited Edition" versions (A, B, C). Version A includes box packaging, as well as a special edition "JAPAN DEBUT PREMIUM T-Shirt". Version B includes the music video and DVD, and version C has a live DVD planned. Each version will also have its own jacket photo. Additionally, there will be special events held with the tickets collected from inside the albums. These events will take place on March 26th and 27th in Tokyo and Osaka, respectively.

A two disk DVD will also be released, including music videos (filmed in Korea), and a documentary. Are you excited to see BEAST "Shock" Japan?

Recently, it was revealed by TOWER RECORDS Japan that the BEAST albums is occupying at least half of their pre-order charts including Top1 and 2. They said this is rare for a debut album. 

A huge anticipation is expected from Japanese B2UTYS.

Source: Far Eastern Tribe Records, Universal Music Japan,

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