Monday, November 29, 2010

YoSeob and Drama's First Snow First Kiss

Nov 29 2010, 08:52 PM

The much-awaited digital collaboration between YoSeob and old friend Daniel, better known as Drama of the group Dalmatian, has been finally released today November 29. The song entitled "First Snow First Kiss" is a very heart-warming song for the year end as the whole world celebrates Christmas.

The song is about reminiscing a first love as they witness the fall of the first snow of the season. A song dedicated to this love one at Christmastime. It has a very catchy and sweet melody, which was matched with the harmony between YoSeob and Drama's voices.

View the Video here :
First Snow First Kiss

Watching the video and viewing the cover of the album, you could see how these two were really close to each other since their trainee days. They hugged and giggled in between takes like there were no cameras in front of them. Towards the end of the music video, viewers could see Drama crying as YoSeob leaves. It could be a cry of happiness or a cry of reminiscing their hardships in the past as they started their career.

One fan, who comment said, that in B2ST, YoSeob is the cutie or the baby but in this video you could witness his toughness as a hyung to Drama, though he's not leaving his aegyo image. 

The single is available to online music stores, starting today and this could be a good Christmas gift this holiday season. biggrin.gif 


Sunday, November 28, 2010

B2ST Successful Showcase in Japan

Nov 28 2010, 03:11 PM

On November 27, B2ST finally answered the call of all Japanese B2UTIES when they came up with a showcase entitled "The Legend of Beast", which was prepared by CUBE Entertainment and Universal Music Japan.

From Haneda Airport, B2ST traveled boarding a rented helicopter, with their name written on it, to Tokyo Big Sight in Ohdaiba, which is the venue of the showcase. Around 10,000 people were already there waiting for them in the very early hours of the day to line up and form their name "B2ST", which was clearly visible from the aerial view, as they arrived by a chopper. B2ST said, they felt so happy with the warm welcome they received from the Japanese fans.

It could be recalled that it was not a week ago since they debuted at No.6 in the Oricon charts. More than 40 representatives from different Japanese media attended the press conference held before the showcase and they had agreed that B2ST has a great potential to become hallyu stars.

In the showcase event, a lion and a tiger were placed at the center of the stage to show even more highlight to their beastly concept. The two animals were then removed right after their first song to give them a rest from the noise, showing how B2ST were concerned with the animals too. The stage has 6 huge monitors hanged in circle and all the fans can see the boys in every angle. The venue has around 10,000 seats. G.Na supported her label mates by performing as front act with her hit song "I'll Back off so You can Live".

B2ST performed a total of 9 songs from all their four mini-albums. Including their latest hit song "Beautiful". Fans that were interviewed on the venue commented that YoSeob is probably the most popular member in Japan because of his cuteness, but each of the members has their own share of fans. As the boys performed on stage, the fans saw their different sides and nature, from beastly image to their aegyo image.

DooJoon's grateful messages to the Japanese crowd were overflowing throughout the show. JunHyung revealed that they did take a bit of a review of their Japanese language but he said, it was still pretty tough on them.

According CUBE Entertainment CEO Hong Seung Sung, they are formally releasing the official Japanese B2ST album by February of next year. And they are planning for the much-awaited Southeast Asian tour in the first half of 2011. He said their real goal was to create not only Kpop artists but Asian artists to be world renown artists.

CREDITS:, SPN, NATE, B2STRISING, mydaily NEWSEN biggrin.gif

DooJoon Updated his Twitter with 2PM Boys

Nov 27 2010, 04:39 PM

In the evening of November 26, Doojoon posted in his Twitter account, two pictures taken by himself with the 3 members of 2PM.

In the first picture, Doojoon is looking rather shocked to be in between 2PM’s Nichkhun and Junsu.

He tweeted, “With broadcast man Junsu hyung and the world’s most good-looking Khun hyung ke ke ke ke“

Not long after that, he posted yet another picture, this time with Junho with a caption, “First time in a long time, Ilsan line~~~“

FYI: Doojoon trained with the boys of 2PM prior to their respective debuts. He also starred on their pre-debut documentary/reality TV show Mnet’s Hot Blood.

CREDIT:, doojoon's twitter

B2ST in MBC’s College Music Festival

Nov 27 2010, 04:16 PM

On the 26th of November, B2ST appeared on MBC College Music Festival. The boys performed their latest hit track ‘Beautiful’ and before the performance ended the beautiful Lee Hyori, who was also a co-host for the show was dragged towards the stage the B2ST boys all sang and danced with the diva. And Hyori herself was delighted and danced with the beat of the beautiful song.

Yoseob also took part in a hilarious skit with SHINee’s Minho along with miss A’s Suzy.

CREDITS:, cherrie050588 imageshack, jenn, TV Report

YoSeob and Dalmatian's DRAMA Reveals a Song, The Teaser

Nov 27 2010, 02:10 PM

B2ST’s Yoseob and Dalmatian’s DRAMA will be releasing a digital collaboration single entitled “First Snow and First Kiss” on November 29th. The single has excited fans from both B2ST and Dalmatian's camps. FYI: the boys have been friends since their trainee days and were often referred to as ’soul mates’. Additionally, the boys are also the main vocalists of their respective groups, so many are wondering how their powerful vocals will be showcased in harmonium.

A MV teaser for the pending MV release has been revealed.
View it here: "First Snow and First Kiss" Teaser

A representative of Dalmatian’s agency revealed that throughout the jacket photoshooting and recording of the song, their strong friendship could be seen. The special collaboration of ‘First Snow and First Kiss’ will be a great song to listen to for a lovely and warm winter.” In this teaser, the melody of the song and the two's strong voices are calling so much attention already.

CREDITS: Daum,, dkpopnews

B2ST Participated in MNET's MSuper Conncert

Nov 27 2010, 01:49 PM

B2ST performed their latest single "Beautiful" from their latest 4th mini-album in the recent Mnet full-scale concert entitled the ‘M Super Concert’ held last November 25th at the 88 Gymnasium in Seoul, sponsored by SKT and RIM in commemoration of the release of the new BlackBerry Pearl 3G in Korea.

Other artists who performed on the night were F.Cuz, KARA, B2ST, Psy, Girl’s Day, Bohemian, Kim Ji Soo, Yang Dong Geun, Go Eun, Byul, Nine Muses, Buzz, VNT, Esther, Supreme Team, Untouchable, JJ, Gavy N.J, SG Wannabe, Kim Jang Hoon, F1RST, and Superstar K & K2 contestants Jo Moon Geun and Huh Gak.


KiKwang a Top Variety Show Idol of 2010

Nov 27 2010, 01:21 PM

Better described as a flower boy and the 2nd generation Kim Gura, Lee KiKwang was considered as one of the Top Variety Show Idols of 2010 alongside with 2AM's Jo-Kwon, KARA's Goo Hara, Super Junior's LeeTeuk, and ZEA's Hwang Kwang Hee.

KiKwang first appeared and showed his potential comedic talents through MBC’s daily sitcom ‘Highkick Through the Roof’, and his popularity continued to soar high after he was chosen as a fixed member of popular variety show, ‘Hot Brothers’. It was through this show where he was able to break out of his typical, flower boy idol image and be accepted as the second generation Kim Gura - a comedian who is particularly well-known for his witty wordplay. 

Due to his success on ‘Hot Brothers’ came a new opportunity for Ki Kwang to cast for KBS’s weekly talk show, ‘Seung Seung Jang Gu’. Learning under veteran gagmen Kim Gura, Tak Jae Hoon, and Park Myung Soo, Ki Kwang has improved vastly in his eloquence and wit – two key ingredients which are vital for a successful variety talk show.


Doojoon’s ideal type is Yoon Seung Ah

Nov 25 2010, 07:28 AM

B2ST’s Doojoon chose his MBC sitcom ‘All My Love‘ co-star Yoon Seung Ah as his ideal type.

On the November 24th broadcast of MBC’s ‘Happy Day,” the singer turned actor Doojoon revealed his feelings regarding his ‘All My Love’ co-star. During his interview, he revealed that he wants to get closer to his ideal type, Yoon Seung Ah. He said,

“Yoon Seung Ah appears to be close with Jo Kwon and Ga-In nuna, but possibly because we don’t have many scenes together and so we don’t have much time to talk to each other, we still use honorific language to one another. She told me to comfortably say, ‘Hello nuna,’ but she doesn’t do it comfortably. Maybe she doesn’t like me…We’re both busy this week, work hard, we still have much of the sitcom left. Let’s work hard and hit the jackpot.“

He also predicted his possible sitcom love-line. He said, “By the current flow of things, the chances of me having a love-line with Ga-In nuna are high.”

View Video here: DooJoon and All My Love Cast Interview

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B2ST 6th Place in Oricon Album Charts

Posted: Nov 25 2010, 07:13 AM

On November 23rd, the boys of B2ST made their debut in Japan’s music industry by placing sixth on the Oricon album charts with their first Japanese album, “BEAST – Japan Premium Edition.”

Their album is a compilation album containing their first two mini-albums. In a form of a DVD set, it consists of a special CD along with never-before-seen clips.

Meanwhile, on the 27th, the boys will make performance debut by having their first showcase at the Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center).

Source: OSEN,

B2ST Getting Addicted to Twitter

Nov 23 2010, 01:39 AM

It's just been barely a couple of weeks since the last two members of B2ST, Dongwoon and YoSeob had started their Twitter accounts but now they have become professional twitters or simply we can say that they have gone addicted to it.

They were twitting to the delight of their fans. They have posted photos and exchanged funny messages with each other and also with their managers and other Kpop idols, which in turn update the B2UTIES as to what is happening to them every minute of the day.

They do the twitting whenever they are taking a break during rehearsals or about to start a shooting or a pre-recording of a show. They even tweet before going to their short sleeps. Lately, the boys were so busy with their preparation for the promotion of their 4th mini-album and for the concert on Dec.12 and they often sleep late at night or sometimes take a nap, only after sunrise. YoSeob tweets even as late as 2AM or as early as 4AM when he wakes up.

DongWoon had posted his most number of tweets, which is a total of 14 on Nov.17 while YoSeob posted 13 tweets in both Nov.18 and 19. Leader DooJoon whose average tweet in a day is usually just 4 has posted his most number of tweets last Nov. 17 as well, (he started tweeting since April 8, 2010) as he was exchanging conversations with his B2ST mates and thanking B2UTIES for their never ending support. JunHyung posted majority of his tweets on Nov. 16 and 20. While KiKwang, who often has a busy schedule tweeted the least, since he started in the Twitter world.

With the fondness of B2ST members with this virtual site, it is expected that one of these days HyunSeung will join the fun as well, as more other Kpop idols are doing the same thing, including their managers and company CEO's

The best advantage that Twitter has done to these idols was that they were able to personally thank their fans for their unwavering support. The website also helped a lot in the artists' promotion of their albums.

Just like one of the fans said, Twitter has been really boring before, until Kpop idols finally invaded it. laugh.gif

CREDITS for photos:,,,, @BeeeestDJ, @Joker891219 @B2stGk @beastdw @helloimys 

B2ST in MNET Ultimate Live Thailand 2010

Nov 21 2010, 11:53 PM

Last, November 12, B2ST flew to Thailand to joined other idol groups like 2PM, Miss A, Wonder Girls and 4Minute to attend the press conference in the Ultimate Live in Thailand which is part of the series of tours by MNET in different parts of Asia.

B2ST met with the members of the press and their growing number of B2UTIES in Siam Paragon Bangkok. Some lucky fans were even given a chance to take some pictures with their favorite idols.

B2ST also promoted in radio stations and made TV appearances for their 3rd Mini-album, which has the carrier single SOOM.

On the 13th, they performed together with the other idols in a live concert held in Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani.

Originally, the tour was scheduled on October 9th with 2AM along with MBLAQ in the line-up. But since the postponement the two groups' schedule had conflicted with the new date.

After this tour, B2ST's 3rd mini-album was on high sales in Thailand and their song SOOM were on top of the charts.


Beautiful MV Teaser Unleashed

Nov 13 2010, 08:19 PM

To the delight of their fans, B2ST released the teaser of the much-awaited music video of the title track "Beautiful" on the 10th of November. This is the video that is very much anticipated by fans, since 40 Korean B2UTIES were invited to participate in the shoot.

The Beautiful MV is set up in a school and the boys acted as students. Another scene was somewhat like an underground dance competition where the boys will be showing-off their moves. What is very much unique about it, is that B2ST can be seen naturally singing to the camera with their wacky and playful selves and having fun. Viewers can see their impromptu images as were shown in their reality TV shows like B2ST Almighty and Idol B2ST Maid. The MV also looked like B2ST were dedicating a message to their fans. And there is something more to anticipate, as there is a very nice storyline into it, somewhat like rivalries among the members. This is the first time they used this kind of concept. No wonder, in just a few minutes of the teaser's release various forums and K-pop sites were flooded with comments by B2UTIES from around the globe. Even non-fanatics left messages like "Officially, I'm a B2UTY now!". This MV is really soooooo B2ST.

You can view the teaser in this link

And as expected, after the teaser came out, the hit track Beautiful is already topping various Music Charts. 

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Lights Go On Again Album Released, 4th Mini-Album

Nov 13 2010, 12:11 AM

As promised by the B2ST boys and Cube Entertainment to the growing number of B2UTIES worldwide the 4th mini-album, Lights Go On Again, was released on the 9th of November with the tracks: Lights Go On Again, Beautiful (Title Track), I Like You the Best, Lightless and I'm Sorry.

But just before the release of the mini-album, a MV teaser of the song "Lights Go On Again" was released on the 8th, which brought the song to the top of various music charts. Here is the link to the MV teaser: 

To preview the album here are some youtube links:

Lights Go On Again


I Like You the Best


I'm Sorry

To support our beloved boys, we strongly recommend that you buy their original album.


Two More B2ST Members Join Twitter World

Nov 12 2010, 03:52 PM

With the current trend among Kpop idols having their own twitter accounts, Son Dongwoon and Yang YoSeob finally stepped on to the bandwagon.

Dongwoon started tweeting in the late night of Wednesday, November 10, with some trial messages directed to B2ST's song composers Shinsadong Tiger and Rado. Two more messages followed which were addressed to their company CEO, Mr. Hong and Super Junior's ShinDong. 

Fellow member Yoseob was finally swayed to join in the early hours of Thursday, November 11, with his first message "Hello, I'm Beast's YoSeob, nice to meet you... they keep on saying...tweet tweet but it's hard". Later on he sent a message to their manager, Jungeon, saying, "Ping Pong Freak" and later on told his tweetmates "I will get used to it... it's kind of hard... Everyone, Goodnight!...

Their unique personalities were very clearly shown on their twitter profiles. Dongwoon's picture shows himself in a serious pose with his left hand covering his mouth while playful YoSeob can be seen yawning in his primary photo. In Dongwoon's 2-day use of twitter, he has followed at least 54 people, which is more than the number of those being followed by their leader, DooJoon, who has been tweeting since April of this year. This shows Dongwoon's fondness of the site at this early stage.

In just a few minutes of joining the Twitter world, both of them gained a lot of followers. Currently, Dongwoon has 21,000+ followers while Yoseob has 18,000+. 
Other members who joined the site earlier like Lee GiKwang has 39,000+ followers. His account was started in the night of October 30, just a few days after he purchased a new smartphone. Yong JunHyung who has been tweeting for many months already has 65,000+ followers while Yoon DooJoon who started it all has more than a 100,000 followers. 

Most of them, like all the other idols who started tweeting, always complain of the difficulty in using the site but eventually got addicted to it and learned how to use it to get in-touch with friends and update their fans as well. 

So far, the only B2ST member who has not join twitter is Jang HyunSeung but who knows, maybe later this day, he'd get swayed and join as well.

CR: Dongwoon's twitter @beastdw YoSeob's twitter @helloimys GiKwang's twitter @B2stGk JunHyung's twittter @Joker891219 DooJoon's twitter @BeeeestDj @B2STrising @zhil

Nominate B2ST for 2010 Mashable Awards

Nov 4 2010, 11:01 PM

Mashable is proud to present the fourth annual Mashable Awards (formerly known as Open Web Awards). The Mashable Awards celebrate major innovations and achievements in the digital and social media landscape by companies, people and projects via an open, multilingual, international, community-nominated voting platform. Millions of votes will be cast in 25 categories ranging from "Best New Gadget" to "Best Music Discovery Service" to "Must-Follow Brand."

Since this is an open nomination, let's keep on nominating B2ST for the MUST-FOLLOW PERSONALITY category. Due to popular demand, Mashable has extended the nomination period until November 29th, 2010, Sunday, 11:59 PM EST. Nominations have already begun as of September 27th, 2010. The nominations will be counted and verified and only the top 5 nominees in each category will move forward to the voting round. Nominating is once per day with a midnight PST Reset.

If B2ST would be included in the top 5 nominations, there will only be one round of voting and it will last until December 15th, 2010, Sunday, 11:59 pm EST,

For more details and nomination and voting rules please browse this link:
B2ST 2010 Mashable Awards Nomination

The Mashable Awards Gala will kick off the 2011 International CES convention week and announce the winners on January 6, 2011 at Cirque du Soleil's Zumanity stage in Las Vegas. The venue capacity is 1,200+ and the event will be streamed live. Tickets are now on sale exclusively through Eventbrite.


B2ST Nominated for 4 Categories in MAMA 2010

Nov 4 2010, 02:01 AM

B2ST is nominated for four categories in the upcoming Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) 2010 which will be hold on November 28, 2010 in Macau, China.

The said categories where B2ST is competing are Best Male Group, Best Dance Performance by a Male Group, Song of the Year and Artist of the Year.

Everyone from all over the world who are into K-pop are invited to vote which started last October 28 and will close on November 21, 18:00 (KST) or 6:00PM in the Philippines. You need to register before you can vote. You must use the Internet explorer. For the complete tutorial of the registration for the MAMA website here is a link:

MAMA 2010 Registration Tutorial

Be patient with the Korean and Chinese characters which keeps coming back from time to time when your search engine does not automatically translate it. Remember, if your authentication number does not arrive in your inbox click again the button on Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) 2010 registration form window then check your SPAM mails in your email.

You can vote only ONCE per day.
However you can register more than 1 account and vote using different accounts in the same day.

Voting for MAMA categories can be found in this link:
MAMA 2010 Voting Page

Calling all B2UTIES in the Philippiines, now is the time to show your love for B2ST, help them win in this years Mnet Asian Music Awards.

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BEAST 4th MINI ALBUM – Lights Go On Again

Nov 4 2010, 01:08 AM

‘No. 1 BEAST’ Festival is starting!
[BEAST 4th MINI ALBUM – Lights go on again]

[Lights go on again] will be the 4th Mini Album that will sweep BEAST off their feet.

The reason this album is getting attention is because right after the promotions for the 3rd album, this album will be released as a whole new album with all new songs notifying the start of a new comeback. Unlike adding one or two songs and coming out with a repackaged album, this album has been released with a full completion level. This “rendezvous album” style that BEAST is trying out for the first time in the music industry will be the proof that they have a different reputation to begin with.

The 4th album from BEAST has all the twists that exceed the thought of the human mind. The title song ‘Beautiful’ is confession song for this year’s winter with a bright and loveable BEAST. This addicting song has the megahit feeling so that if one hears it can automatically capture the listeners. Also it is a song that both the stage loving BEAST and the fans can enjoy together and make everyone happy.

Not only that, if you hear the first track of the song 'Lights go on again', it is so surprising that you might have to ask for yourself, “Is that really BEAST’s music?” The combination of th guitar riffs and the simple vocals give the audience a great pleasure. Other than that, there is the song ‘I like you the best’ which had been a song that had received countless number of requests from the fans since their debut documentary program , ‘Lightless’ was the song that was in the fight with their past song ‘Breath’, and the song ‘I’m Sorry’ offers a different K-POP ballad. All the songs included shows off a new level from [Mastermind].

Like this, [Lights go on again] will be the No. 1 album that BEAST will be releasing as a ‘Festival of 2010’ with charms to wish everyone happiness.

1. Lights Go On Again
--- Hong Seungsung, DA9297, Shinsadong Tiger, Yong Junhyung
--- DA9297, Shinsadong Tiger
2. Beautiful [TITLE TRACK]
--- Kim Dohoon, Shinsadong Tiger, Lee Sangho
--- Kim Dohoon, Shinsadong Tiger, Lee Sangho
3. 니가 제일 좋아 (I Like You the Best)
--- Shinsadong Tiger, Yong Junhyung
--- Shinsadong Tiger, Lee Chaekyu, Jeongoon
4. Lightless
--- Rado, Shinsadong Tiger, Yong Junhyung, Choi Kyusung
--- Rado, Shinsadong Tiger, Choi Kyusung
5. I'm Sorry
--- Rado, Yong Junhyung, Choi Kyusung
--- Rado, Choi Kyusung


DooJoon was a New Cast for a New Sitcom 'All My Love'

Nov 2 2010, 11:14 PM

After experiencing acting in the sitcom "More Charming by the Day", Yoon Doo Joon is set to appear alongside with Ga-In and Jo-Kwon in the new sitcom "All My Love" formerly entitled "Do Me a Favor".

Doojoon will be able to show off his good looking, masculine charms for this upcoming show as well. He will be making his debut appearance in the third episode.

He recently guested in the show “Knee-Drop Guru” to discuss the new daily sitcom.

In the story, Ga-In will play a character of a woman that’s greedy for success and obsesses over coming up with $1,500 USD in order to undergo a double eyelid surgery.

Other main cast members are Kim Kab Soo, Park Mi Sun, Yoon Seung Ah, Jun Tae Soo, Yeon Woo Jin, Kim Young Ok, Bang Eun Hee, Jung Ho Bin, and Kim Na Young.


Kikwang reveals His Annual Salary

Posted: Nov 2 2010, 10:15 PM

In the recent episode of Hot Brothers where KiKwang is a mainstay, they had a guest who was from the office of the district court and each cast member had to undergo a series of questions under the lie detector machine. In this episode it would be found out that every single one of the cast lied, excluding Kikwang, who told the truth to all questions asked. Including having to meet a female recently out of professional or work reasons. The guest asked if he wanted to date the girl but he answered, "No Comment"

In the same episode KiKwang revealed his annual income which is $8,000 USD which is quite low to the expectations of the many. Kikwang said, “My annual income is $8,000 USD. I want to do hip hop instead of being an idol...”

Simon D (another cast) couldn’t hide his pride and stated, “I’ll help you earn money, come to our company. Hip hop is the best for events.”

CR:, Hot Brothers and

KiKwang Joins twitter

Nov 2 2010, 09:50 PM

After getting his new smartphone, KiKwang decided to join

Since BEAST leader DooJoon is known to be frequently Tweeting, he has finally convinced fellow member KiKwang to join in on the fun! DooJoon tweeted, “Finally Lee KiKwang has started Twitter. I hope lots of people follow him!!! @b2stgk” And later, KiKwang left his first tweet saying, “Thank you Doojoonie keke Now I have started Twitter too hehe Everyone drop by a lot ^.^~! hehe.” He later even tweeted a photo of himself posing with DooJoon and maknae DongWoon!

Welcome Lee KiKwang to Twitter world!!! Hope the other three left join soon too.

Fellow b2uties add him up now if you haven't. It's @b2stgk


B2ST brings “Soom” to Music Bank

Oct 1 2010, 08:18 PM

After testing the limits of their fans’ patience with seemingly endless teaser pictures, audio, and MVs, B2ST is ready to intensify the hype with their first comeback stage on today’s Music Bank.

The boys continuously manage to impress their fans with their spotless performances, which consist of both on-point vocals and dance moves! With this new, manly image, and fresh new “Soom” track, the boys seem to have everything they need to rock the stage!

Check out their hot stage below!

AweSOOM performance... can't Breathe myself... After the long wait its here... Can't wait for their performance in Music core and Inkigayo too...

I heard it's just the introduction... they'll be releasing yet another mini-album by Nov. and have their first ever concert on Dec 12.

So fellow B2uties, lets support BEAST/B2ST altogether in this new mini albums and make it a daebak

#soomastermind ... Daebak....Daebak...Daebak... B2ST