Sunday, November 28, 2010

Beautiful MV Teaser Unleashed

Nov 13 2010, 08:19 PM

To the delight of their fans, B2ST released the teaser of the much-awaited music video of the title track "Beautiful" on the 10th of November. This is the video that is very much anticipated by fans, since 40 Korean B2UTIES were invited to participate in the shoot.

The Beautiful MV is set up in a school and the boys acted as students. Another scene was somewhat like an underground dance competition where the boys will be showing-off their moves. What is very much unique about it, is that B2ST can be seen naturally singing to the camera with their wacky and playful selves and having fun. Viewers can see their impromptu images as were shown in their reality TV shows like B2ST Almighty and Idol B2ST Maid. The MV also looked like B2ST were dedicating a message to their fans. And there is something more to anticipate, as there is a very nice storyline into it, somewhat like rivalries among the members. This is the first time they used this kind of concept. No wonder, in just a few minutes of the teaser's release various forums and K-pop sites were flooded with comments by B2UTIES from around the globe. Even non-fanatics left messages like "Officially, I'm a B2UTY now!". This MV is really soooooo B2ST.

You can view the teaser in this link

And as expected, after the teaser came out, the hit track Beautiful is already topping various Music Charts. 

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