Monday, November 29, 2010

YoSeob and Drama's First Snow First Kiss

Nov 29 2010, 08:52 PM

The much-awaited digital collaboration between YoSeob and old friend Daniel, better known as Drama of the group Dalmatian, has been finally released today November 29. The song entitled "First Snow First Kiss" is a very heart-warming song for the year end as the whole world celebrates Christmas.

The song is about reminiscing a first love as they witness the fall of the first snow of the season. A song dedicated to this love one at Christmastime. It has a very catchy and sweet melody, which was matched with the harmony between YoSeob and Drama's voices.

View the Video here :
First Snow First Kiss

Watching the video and viewing the cover of the album, you could see how these two were really close to each other since their trainee days. They hugged and giggled in between takes like there were no cameras in front of them. Towards the end of the music video, viewers could see Drama crying as YoSeob leaves. It could be a cry of happiness or a cry of reminiscing their hardships in the past as they started their career.

One fan, who comment said, that in B2ST, YoSeob is the cutie or the baby but in this video you could witness his toughness as a hyung to Drama, though he's not leaving his aegyo image. 

The single is available to online music stores, starting today and this could be a good Christmas gift this holiday season. biggrin.gif 


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