Friday, February 25, 2011

Was BEAST's Refusal to Wear Kimonos Good or Bad?

When Beast attended the Yumi Katsura Bridal Fashion Show, they were asked to wear kimonos, which they refused to wear. Fans praised their actions, but member Dongwoon's father had a different idea.

He tweeted, "Because Korea and Japan have problems with Dokdo currently, I think it was the best to not have asked them to wear kimonos in the first place. However, but I do not think that they should only be praised because they refused to wear kimonos. If Japanese artists were at a Korean fashion show and they refused to wear hanbok, what would you say about them? Most likely, the request to wear kimonos had nothing to do with any political issues. It was right for Beast to refuse to wear them. But it's also right that they should have worn the kimonos."

This brings to issue foreign artists currently promoting in Korea. Chinese stars such as Super Junior's Hankyung, f(x)'s Amber and Victoria and other have worn hanbok before. As Beast is currently promoting in Japan, Japanese fans might have expected them to do the same. Do you think BEAST was correct in their decision?

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Beast Says no to Wearing Kimonos

On the 23rd of February, Beast attended as guests at the runway show of the famous Japanese fashion designer, Yumi Katsura in Tokyo and it left behind a hot topic of not wanting to wear kimonos. Regarding this, Beast gave their reason as ‘We were thinking of Korea’s feelings.’
On the stage, Beast were asked by Japanese businesspeople, ”Can you wear kimonos?” but they politely declined. After the spread of this news, they were praised by many fans with comments, ”Such strong patriotism.” and ”The dignity of being a Korean.”
Related persons to the case stated, ‘They chose not to wear kimonos after considering the feelings of Korea, not because they were ignoring the organisers of the runway show.’ The organisers also said, ‘ We readily accepted this situation.’
On the other hand, Son Dong Woon’s father who is a hotel management lecturer at Cheongju University posted an article regarding this situation on his minihompy. Professor Son wrote in his article titled “Beast and Kimonos” : ‘Before attending the fashion show, Beast had already discussed the kimono problem with the organisers. The organisers also took into account the anti-Japanese sentiment caused by the Dokdo situation, so they already came to a friendly conclusion.’
At the same time, Professor Son also gave his opinion on the inappropriate views of fans who believed that Beast had blindly turned down the wearing of kimonos.
Some people think that Beast was right to turn down the request, whereas some people think that Beast should have just worn the kimonos out of respect for the fashion show.


Beast Became Wedding Models

On the 23rd of February, BEAST members were special guests at the fashion show “YUMI KATSURA PARIS 2011 GRAND COLLECTION IN TOKYO” together with label mate 4Minute and another idol group Supernova. Katsura Yumi is a prominent bridal fashion designer who designed the wedding dress for the newly pregnant Kobayashi Mao.
In the second part of the show, BEAST appeared on stage in manly black suits and performed hit songs “Special” and “Beautiful“.
And of course a fashion show cannot be without models. In order to resonate with a younger audience, popular models from Tokyo Girls Collection and fashion magazines were featured in the show. These included Nanami, Matsushima Hana, Nanao, Kagami Seira, Kagami Reina, Urahama Arisa, and Liv.

Source & Photo: Sanspo, Yonhap News, and Model Press
CREDITS:  Tokyohive, MBBWP

DooJoon, JunHyung and DongWoon are Wandering the Streets

Is it possible for the members of B2ST to make an embarrassing facial expression?
On the 24th of February, leader Doojoon shared photos of himself with Junhyung and Dongwoon wandering the streets at night. He wrote,“We really walked around till we had no regrets… The remaining three passed out back at the hotel…”
Despite their attempts to make ‘bizarre’ facial expressions, fans were reluctant to believe that the members could look anything but cute.

 CREDITS: TV Report via Nate, allkpop, mbbwp

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yoseob Criticized Some Fans with No Public Morals.

On the afternoon of February 24th, Yoseob wrote on his Twitter, ‘If you want to write graffiti, just write on our car instead. This is public property..Im very sorry towards the other residents of this apartment block..hmm..after receiving treatment for my sty, I’ll have to clean it.’ He then posted a photo of the graffitied wall.
The picture showed the wall next to their apartment lift graffitied with the words ‘Junhyung Bossam’ ( Bossam is a kind of cabbage wrap with pork).
Fans and netizens left comments, ” Please clean it up, don’t graffiti the walls.” , ‘It’s an embarassment to B2UTYS, why are you making our oppas get embarassed? ‘ , “Did you leave your brain in your mother’s womb when you were born? Don’t do this kind of thing.”
Some fans who love their idols too much have brought persistent problems to their idols instead. This is truly a disease of the entertainment industry. If you truly love your idols, refrain from this kind of destructive behaviour for fear of hurting them.


DooJoon and KiKwang Reports About the A Pink Name Contest

Doojoon and Kikwang transformed into news anchors.
Recently, an Internet portal revealed a video titled ‘A-Pink Name Contest’ that is attracting attention. In this video, Doojoon and Kikwang transformed into news anchors to report the news entitled ” Rookie girl group A-Pink’s Name Contest “, stirring up laughter.
Doojoon reported, ‘ This is a news flash. A Cube’s new girl group is now a hot topic. These few days, it has become the top searched topic online. I will now let news anchor Lee Kikwang give you a detailed report on it.’
Kikwang stated,’ This is the situation. A-Cube’s upcoming girl group will debut soon and they are looking for a name. This news appeared online and the response has been enthusiastic.’
They then introduced in detail how to participate in the contest. They also gave a preview of an upcoming reality program. ‘All will be revealed on TV channels soon’.
After that, Kikwang said, ‘I already saw them in the company.’ Doojoon asked, ‘ Are they pretty?‘ His curiosity aroused laughter.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

BEAST at Yumi Katsura Bridal Fashion Show Runway

On the 23rd of February, BEAST walked the runway for esteemed Japanese wedding fashion designer, Yumi Katsura, for her “2011 Paris Grand Collection in Tokyo” event.
Yumi Katsura was said to have been influenced by BEAST’s visual styles and performances, and personally designed outfits fitting to their image for them to wear during their walk. Along with the major Japanese press agencies, such as Asahi TV, Nihon TV, and others, over 8,000 audience members were present for this event.
The wedding show representatives commented, “BEAST wore clothes designed specifically for them, one of a kind stuff, in order to create a lively wedding show.”
Labelmate 4Minute and another group Supernova were also on the event.

Source: Newsen via Daum
Credit to Allkpop, mbbwp

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yoseob Comforts an Aspiring Singer Through Twitter

On February 21st, Yoseob received a message on his Twitter from an aspiring singer that said she was sick. In response, he tweeted, "When people sing a lot, vocal cord nodules are very frequent."

The fan and aspiring singer visited the hospital and was officially diagnosed with a vocal cord nodule. She said, "I visited the hospital today and saw the nodule with my own eyes. It was very scary. I am really scared." She finished by admitting that after hearing her diagnosis, she even wanted to jump in front of a passing car on the road.

Yoseob responded to her with, "When I was first diagnosed with vocal cord nodules, I had the same thoughts. You can think of vocal cord nodules as calluses that form after you practice singing a lot. Be proud that you practiced that hard because practice allows you to become successful." Yoseob continued with, "A lot of singers around me have been diagnosed with vocal cord nodules. After they went through surgery, they were able to start singing comfortably again. I hope that you can go to a big hospital and also not be afraid to receive the correct diagnosis. Cheer up!"

The fan responded with, "I will go through it just like you did and be able to sing comfortably again. I will show you a new image, not a sick one, in the future!"

Other fans have commented, "This is your dream, do not lose hope!" and "Get well soon!" Best wishes to this fan while she undergoes surgery and recovers!

CREDITS: Star News, Koreaboo, Yoseob's Twitter

Monday, February 21, 2011

YoSeob's Post After the Encore Concert

[trans]  The concert may have ended, but  the disappointment and regrets from 18th and 19th keeps appearing in my mind! I guess alot of B2uty felt the same way too right! It seems like beast and b2uty had created some great and enriching memories!
Ahh.. I wanted to give all the B2uty who were present some fan service.. assuring that I don’t miss out any areas. Hence I even came to the place where it is not for performance to perform dilligently ^^~ If you felt disappointed because I went to other areas more often, then please be present at our next concert and by then I will perk up and run more and more and more dilligently!! Promise! Also, do not feel too disappointed and please only remember theose beautiful memories. ^^
Till now, I still cannot forget b2utys’ eyes!! I hope that day(the next concert) will arrive..!
Thanks to all who came to our concert.. In addition..  for those who are unable to join us in the concert this time round, we will work harder for the next upcoming concert. Thank you b2uty!
CREDITS: BEASTCN(Source); Ada@mybeastyboys(TRANS)

According to KiKwang He Changed a Lot in Appearance as a Beast Member

Kikwang chose himself as the member in Beast who had changed the most.
On the 19th February broadcast of KBS2TV’S Entertainment Tonight, Beast revealed footage of their rehearsal for their encore concert.
When asked which member’s appearance had changed the most, Kikwang surprised everyone by choosing himself.
Kikwang who was born in Gwangju said, ” After coming to Seoul and settling down here, I feel like I have changed a lot.” He then laughed and gave his reasons.
Besides that, during the Beast member battle, Kikwang and Hyunseung performed a duet American Dance, making everyone laugh.
After only debuting for a year, Beast held their first solo concert at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in December last year. Due to the overwhelming response, they then held an encore concert for two days on the 18th and 19th of February.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beast Says They are Hurt with the Label as a Recycled Group but Admitted It was True

Beast confessed that during their debut, they were given the label ‘ the recycled group’.
On the 19th February broadcast of KBS2TV’S Entertainment Tonight, Beast said, ” When we heard people labelling us the recycled group, we were of course very angry, but it was true, so we couldn’t say anything.”
Kikwang had previously debuted under the name AJ, Doojoon had taken part in the 2AM and 2PM audition documentary Hot Blood and Jang Hyunseung had been eliminated from Big Bang.  Junhyung had debuted previously before but had never taken part in any documentaries. Because of this, Beast were given the label ‘the recycled group’ when they debuted.
Beast said, ‘It was alright for us to be called the recycled group, because we are now Beast and there is nothing bad about that, but it hurt a lot of our fans.’
Beast had held concerts during December last year and the 18th and 19th of February this year.


KBS2TV’S Entertainment Tonight Interview Before the Encore Concert

Beast revealed their feelings when they won first place for the first time after debuting.
On the 19th February broadcast of KBS2TV’S Entertainment Tonight, Beast said that they really cried a lot after winning first place for the first time.
Beast debuted on 16 October 2009. In the program, the Beast members said, ” We were very nervous during our debut stage. Before debut, we were suddenly very tired when we practiced. Our physical condition wasn’t good. We remember crying and being upset because our voices would tremble and the sound also wasn’t good.”
Besides that, the program revealed Yoseob’s ten segment treble range, attracting attention.
View the full video of the interview here:


Saturday, February 19, 2011

YoSeob the Dance Copier

The arrival of the Dance Copier——Beast’s Yoseob!!
On the 19th February episode of KBS’s 100 Points out of 100, Yoseob showed off magnificent dance skills, Cheon Myung Hoon danced NRG’s Heat Song. After watching the dance and following his steps for a while, Yoseob managed to immediately make a reproduction of the dance.
The MC’S praised his skill highly, naming him the Dance Vending Machine and also the Dance Copying Machine who could copy dances perfectly.
Miss A’s Min and Tony An also tried the dance, creating unstoppable laughter from the guests.


Yoseob’s exaggerated reaction made viewers frown.

On the 19th February broadcast of KBSTV’s 100 Points out of 100, there was a Group Responsibility Exam, creating a showdown between the different groups.
In the last official showdown, T-ara’s Soyeon had revealed that Jiyeon liked a guest on the program. Regarding this matter, Yoseob had a very big reaction and he even stood up.
He was very confident that the person Jiyeon liked was him making him continue to call out loudly. Park Myung Soo then said that Yoseob’s expession looked like the character Hyeon Gyu in the movie Memories Of Murder.
Due to Park Myung Soo’s surprise, Yoseob obliged by doing an impersonation. Jiyeon then said that his expression was really exaggerated.
Yoseob’s reaction was commented upon by viewers as ” like drinking a bowl of kimchi soup.”; “His loud reaction is really irritating.” and ” Does he like Jiyeon? His reaction is too big. “

View the video here:


Encore Concert Touches the Heart of 12,000 Fans

With abundant performances and twice the scale, Beast grandly ended their first encore concert with touching enthusiasm.
On the 18th of February, they held their encore concert Welcome Back To Beast Airline at the Seoul Olympic Stadium, giving grand performances and vocals to 12,000 excited fans.
During sales of the tickets, the overwhelming response caused the website server to break down. The concert tickets were sold out at a super fast speed, shocking all the staff members. Besides Korean fans, the concert was attended by fans from Japan, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and other countries worldwide, proving Beast to be true global stars.
This time round, Beast used the concept of transforming into charismatic pilots who travel with the audience to go on holiday. They gave a never before revealed all new performance different from their solo concert last year, capturing everyone’s attention.
Beast collaborated with Korea’s top 9 member Live Full Band to make new arrangements for their existing songs, enriching each of their original songs. They also had an extended stage to be closer to their fans.
Beast again performed their 3 duets self-written by the members, receiving loud cheers from the fans. Each member was divided into their sub-groups according to their vocal tone and musical taste.
Main vocal Yoseob and rapper Junhyung’s Thanks To, Kikwang and Hyunseung’s Let It Snow along with Doojoon and Dongwoon’s When The Door Closes managed to wow the hearts of fans all over again.
Beast performed Special, Shock and Bad Girl as their opening act and then continued with Breakdown, Mystery, Clenching A Tight Fist, Easy, Soom, Lightless, Beautiful and many more. All the songs were performed totally live, showing off an even more vivid stage.
To accomodate all the fans who came from all over the world to see them, they prepared a special “present” set for them. As promised during their concert last year, they revealed the MV of I Like You The Best and an Abs Wave.
They did not stay put at the centre of the stage but also moved to all parts of the stage to interact with the fans, fully maximising the spacious layout of the stage. Their enthusiasm was dazzling. Leader Doojoon fell down again like their concert last year and Dongwoon ripped his pants, attracting the audience’s attention.
From Beast’s mini fan-meeting to G.NA’s congratulatory performance, fans were cheering all the way.With a space twice the size of last time, and a rich lineup of performances, the 12,000 fans were united in the excitement.
During the press conference before the concert, leader Doojoon said,” Last year we managed to get first place for the different music shows and also held our first solo concert. This year, through Beast Asia Tour, we hope to expand our market and meet all our Asian fans.”
They also talked about their Japanese debut in March with the statement, ” Our look in Japan will be exactly the same as our look in Korea. We don’t know if the Japanese fans will like it or not, but our sincerity will be enough.”
Beast is due to debut in Japan in March. Their single Shock has already taken first place for various pre-order charts in Japan.


DooJoon Accidentally Slipped on Stage Again in the Encore Concert

Maknae Dongwoon normally has the title of being clumsy but since last year's independent concert Doojoon claimed his nickname as “Clumsy Doojoon”.
On February 18th, Doojoon slipped and fell during the opening performance of their encore concert, “Welcome Back to B2ST Airline” – which was held at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium in Bangi-dong, Songpa-gu.
Doojoon was running towards the center stage when he lost his balance right in front of the fans in the standing section, surprising everyone. He got up quickly and even smiled to continue the show, as if nothing had happened.
Doojoon stated, “Following the concert last December, I fell again. I’m so embarrassed, I could die.” To this statement, fellow team member Dongwoon responded, “My pants ripped” – amusing the audience.
Dongwoon is also historical for ripping pants since the very start of their being together as BEAST.
View a video of this incidents courtesy of TV Daily:

Credits: Allkpop, Newsen via Joins! MSN, TV Daily

What Happened to the Encore Concert?

On February 18th, B2ST returned to the stage for their long-awaited encore concert, “Welcome Back to B2ST Airline,” for a special airline getaway with 12,000 of their fans.
For nearly three hours, the members worked the crowd to a frenzy by performing their hit tracks, “Shock,” “Special,” “Bad Girl,” “Please Take Care of My Girlfriend,” and “Breakdown,” as well as an upgraded version of their unit performances.
All videos used in their first concert held last year were set aside for all new footage along with a live band that helped energize the experience for their fans.
They also unveiled the second music video to their two part series (the first being “Beautiful“), and now,“I Like You the Best,” which featured a love triangle between Kikwang, Junhyung, and A Pink’s Na Eun.
The promised ‘ab parade’ that has been a topic of hot interest ever since it was announced through Kikwang’s teaser, began with a video parody of “Secret Garden,” where the members were shown doing sit ups during training for the special moment. Kikwang and Hyunseung also re-created the famous ’sit-up scene’ between Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin, which brought out an explosive reaction from the audience.
Although they revealed that it was “difficult to make abs appear out of no where within three months,” the members showed-off chocolate abs as promised.
Fans received a first viewing of G.NA’s new ballad track, “Please Stop Being Mad,” along with “BLACK & WHITE” for her special guest performance. Supreme Team’s Simon D and F.T. Island’s Jaejin both attended the concert as a part of the audience and were given special introduction spotlights by the boys on stage.
Here is the video of "I Like You the Best"

Video Credit to davidx911