Friday, February 25, 2011

Beast Says no to Wearing Kimonos

On the 23rd of February, Beast attended as guests at the runway show of the famous Japanese fashion designer, Yumi Katsura in Tokyo and it left behind a hot topic of not wanting to wear kimonos. Regarding this, Beast gave their reason as ‘We were thinking of Korea’s feelings.’
On the stage, Beast were asked by Japanese businesspeople, ”Can you wear kimonos?” but they politely declined. After the spread of this news, they were praised by many fans with comments, ”Such strong patriotism.” and ”The dignity of being a Korean.”
Related persons to the case stated, ‘They chose not to wear kimonos after considering the feelings of Korea, not because they were ignoring the organisers of the runway show.’ The organisers also said, ‘ We readily accepted this situation.’
On the other hand, Son Dong Woon’s father who is a hotel management lecturer at Cheongju University posted an article regarding this situation on his minihompy. Professor Son wrote in his article titled “Beast and Kimonos” : ‘Before attending the fashion show, Beast had already discussed the kimono problem with the organisers. The organisers also took into account the anti-Japanese sentiment caused by the Dokdo situation, so they already came to a friendly conclusion.’
At the same time, Professor Son also gave his opinion on the inappropriate views of fans who believed that Beast had blindly turned down the wearing of kimonos.
Some people think that Beast was right to turn down the request, whereas some people think that Beast should have just worn the kimonos out of respect for the fashion show.


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