Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yoseob Criticized Some Fans with No Public Morals.

On the afternoon of February 24th, Yoseob wrote on his Twitter, ‘If you want to write graffiti, just write on our car instead. This is public property..Im very sorry towards the other residents of this apartment block..hmm..after receiving treatment for my sty, I’ll have to clean it.’ He then posted a photo of the graffitied wall.
The picture showed the wall next to their apartment lift graffitied with the words ‘Junhyung Bossam’ ( Bossam is a kind of cabbage wrap with pork).
Fans and netizens left comments, ” Please clean it up, don’t graffiti the walls.” , ‘It’s an embarassment to B2UTYS, why are you making our oppas get embarassed? ‘ , “Did you leave your brain in your mother’s womb when you were born? Don’t do this kind of thing.”
Some fans who love their idols too much have brought persistent problems to their idols instead. This is truly a disease of the entertainment industry. If you truly love your idols, refrain from this kind of destructive behaviour for fear of hurting them.


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