Sunday, July 31, 2011

Junhyung Informs B2UTIES that He was the Mastermind

Junhyung informed the fans on one of his last tweets that he was the BEAST member who is the founder of the airport punishments and proudly wants a compliment for it. 

In their recent out-of-town shows, some BEAST members were receiving punishments after they lose a certain game. 

Usually, the game wasn't being revealed, only the punishments, which often can be seen by fans when they finally showed-up at the airport from the out-of-town trips. 

The first member that was given a forfeit was Yoseob who was asked to wear a colorful tattoo-like warmer in his arms after their Taipei fan meet & MTV World Stage performance.

The last one who was given a punishment was Kikwang who needed to wear his sun glasses upside down.

Playful BEAST...

This game  and punishment kind of reminds us of Junhyung's close friend from Super Junior, Heechul...

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Junhyung Tweets About a Fan Letter from Shanghai

After being on hiatus in a long time in twitter, Junhyung has really finally come back and has been very active lately.

Recently, he tweeted "I just thought about this but during the fansigning in China a Primadonna came up to me and handed me a letter telling me to care for Hongki well keke "

Hongki is FT Island's lead vocalist and a close friend to Junhyung. FT Island call their fans as  Primadonna.

Junhyung immediately followed the said tweet with " Lucky guy" referring to Hongki  and " Don't misunderstand haha the letter was for me".

For quite sometime now, Junhyung and Hongki have been really known to be good friends. 

In one of Hongki's last tweets as well, he mentioned the BEAST rapper, saying that a lot of fans have been giving him gifts that will give him a couple look with Junhyung. But he also thinks that it was a bit weird to do that all the time.  

Obviously, most B2UTIES and Primadonnas value the friendship that these two have.

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BEAST Doing Well at VIVA TV Music Charts in Germany

Korean idol groups have dominated German music channel Viva TV’s hot music chart for two weeks in a row.

One of those KPOP artists who appeared in their chart is BEAST. Their hit song "Fiction" is currently at # 19, while their last year's hit single "Soom" appeared to be at #90.

It is expected that it will continue to move up in the coming weeks as Hallyu wave in Europe is spreading.

Viva TV is as influential in Germany as MTV in the U.S. The Clip Chart ranks most-watched music videos based on the viewer counts and online mp3 download counts for the past week.

BEAST Finished a Successful Fanmeet in Shanghai, China

BEAST, who has unique features and stylish performances are very popular in China. They went to Shanghai for a fan meeting in return for their love.
On that day, BEAST performed with all their might, and surprised the fans with their fluent Chinese. Moreover, they received enthusiastic reactions by single a Chinese song, I’m still loving you.
When they were asked about their impressions of China, Kikwang responded, “Chinese fans in Shanghai are as passionate as the sun. I’m glad that so many fans cheered for us despite it being our first visit to China.”
Hyunseung said, “There are no specific plans yet, but I want to show them our performances next time.” when he was asked about the next official Chinese fan meeting.
Junhyung continued, “We’ll actively work in China to make up for the fans that cheers us on.”


Friday, July 29, 2011

Hyunseung Tweets Selca in a school Uniform

Last night, Hyunseung left a treat to his twitter followers by posting a SELCA in a school uniform. He included the message "Nell - Losing my Mind. As I listen to this song, this awesome student is going to go to sleep".

Hyunseung is fond of listening to music to get him to sleep.

He mentioned the song "Losing My Mind" by the indie rock band, Nell. Check it out:

Hyunseung looks like a rock music fan but this song seemed a sad one to listen at night but it has a good melody to put someone to sleep.

FYI: Nell is an indie rock band band, formed in 1999, the band consists of Kim Jong-wan on vocals, guitar and keyboard, Lee Jae-kyung on lead guitar, Lee Jung-hoon on bass guitar and Jung Jae-won on drums. They were picked up by Seo Tai-Ji and are currently signed with WOOLLIM Entertainment.

Currently, BEAST is in China for a special one day fan meet in Shanghai.

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Doojoon Included in the new MBC drama ""Thousandth Kiss"

Doojoon who has proven his acting skills in his latest sitcom, MBC's All My Love, is yet to star again in another MBC daily drama entitled "Thousandth Kiss"

He will be playing a role of a soccer player, who helps to maintain Ji Hyunwoo in the team. Ji Hyunwoo is the male lead character in the story.

A scene was shot during Gwangjoo game last July 23rd, wherein the main characters meet on the soccer field for the first time. Doojoon was not able to participate in this shoot as he and his BEAST members had embarked in an Asian Tour in Taiwan.

The main characters of the said new MBC drama are Ji Hyunwoo and Seo Younghee.This is quite a dream role for Doojoon. He often mentions in interviews that he wanted to play the role of a soccer player in a drama. 

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Kikwang Posted a Selca in White

It seemed like posting a selca for BEAST members has been a habit these past two days. 

Dongwoon has posted a photo the other day with unbutton shirt and Junhyung who has just returned from twitter hiatus also posted a photo of him with S. Tiger at the studio. 

Kikwang later in the day of July 29 also posted a SELCA with the message "White Gikwang kekekeke". He was probably referring to the shirt he is wearing on the picture.

BEAST is currently in China for a one day fanmeet in Shanghai. 

CREDITS: kikwang's twitter; b2utiesloveb2st.tumblr

Junhyung Returns to Twitter

Junhyung who is known to be very much fond of twitter, like BEAST leader Doojoon, has been on hiatus for quite sometime in the said social networking site since last month.

Many speculations surrounded his decision of being absent in twitting. Some fans said that it maybe because he doesn't want to comment or explain about his relationship with Kara's Hara that's why he decided to move away for a while from posting any tweets days before the relationship issue was revealed.

He would still appear on the timelines of his followers only if he has to plug a song in which he has participated or when he needed to greet someone who is very important to him.

But just recently, last July 28, Junhyung finally made a sign of come back to twitter by posting "Hello". The next day he also posted a photo with S. Tiger at the studio with the message "The posture of learning"

Later on he made another tweet with the message, "Whether you spill everything or get shined by it..."  This one is quite hard to interpret but most fans thought it could be another of those lyrics he is using for another song he is composing. 

He also sent a message to his good friend from Supreme Team, Simon D., asking for a welcome in his return to twitter. Simon was asking him in an earlier message if BEAST are also in japan as Supreme Team is currently promoting there too. But Junhyung explained that they are not. Simon later on tweeted a message of welcome to the BEAST rapper.

Surely, this is a joyful event for many Junhyung fans out there. Hoping he won't be on hiatus again in twitter

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Dongwoon Tweets a Sexy SELCA

Dongwoon shared a pleasant surprise for his fans and followers on Twitter last July 28.
He tweeted, “Today, I think I’ll have to lie right here,” and attached a photo of himself in an unbuttoned collared shirt, while giving off a sexy expression.
Fans replied, “Evidence of a god,” and “This is what they call sexy.”
BEAST have flown to China for a fanmeet in Shanghai.

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Heechul and Kikwang Reveal their Friendship in Twitter

Super Junior’s Heechul revealed his friendship with Kikwang via twitter.
Heechul tweeted, “After ‘Win-Win,’ with dancing shoes Kikwang of B2ST,” along with the tweet he posted the above photo of himself with Kikwang. Kikwang responded to his tweet posting, “Last time I went to ‘Radio Star‘ and now you come to ‘Win-Win‘. Today was so fun. You worked hard.”

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Rapper Bang Yong Guk to Release “I Remember” with Yoseob

Rapper Bang Yong Guk, who is best known for being featured in SECRET member Song Ji Eun’s hit solo track, “Going Crazy,” will be releasing his first solo track on August 12th.
The track is entitled “I Remember” and will be a collaboration between Bang Yong Guk and Yoseob.
Earlier today, Bang Yong Guk teased the collaboration through his twitter account (@realjepp), by linking the photo above with the words, “comingsoon.”

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BEAST Interview and Promotion at EIGHT (Sakigake)


BEAST Interview at First Class Entertainment with Bubble Milk Tea Making

In BEAST recent tour to Taiwan last July 23, they guested in the MTV Taiwan show, "First Class entertainment" and there they were able to try making their first bubble milktea, which is very famous in Taipei now. Members were also able to taste it for the first time. This is is still part of their Asian Tour. 

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BEAST Tops Japan’s ‘Recochoku’ chart Three Times

The Japanese ‘orchestra version’ of BEAST’s hit track, “Fiction“, has topped Japanese ringtone chart Recochoku three times in a row already.
On July 27th, B2ST released the orchestra version of “Fiction” through Recochoku, and grabbed #1 on the day of its release. This marks the third time BEAST topped the chart since “Bad Girl” and “Shock“.
The song has quite the history of earning triple crowns on Korean music programs, and it seems that its popularity is being reflected in Japan. A representative of Japan’s music industry commented, “Day by day, BEAST is earning more and more music fans who are becoming lovers of their work. Their fandom is becoming stronger than ever.”
This accomplishment has drawn more attention to the boys’ upcoming first official Japanese album, as the song will be included in its tracklist.

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BEAST Photos at Musik Bank Japan Magazine

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