Sunday, July 24, 2011

"On Rainy Days" Banned by Ministry of Gender Equality & Family

The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family is back with yet another list of songs they’ve banned for supposedly containing content that’s harmful to the youth.
Included in this round is BEAST’s “On Rainy Days“, which was banned for the use of ‘drugs’ in its lyrics. A line from the song states, “I think I’m drunk, I should stop drinking.” 
The ministry explained that it alluded to drinking and that it could influence the youth in a negative way.
As previously reported, songs that are banned cannot be sold to minors under the age of 19 and cannot be aired before 10 PM KST through radio or television.
They usually take a while to review material so recently released songs or videos does not come into the picture… yet. But most would already have heard or got their copies before the ban is effected.

CREDITS: Allkpop

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