Sunday, July 3, 2011

Junhyung Overwhelmed and Sheds Tears in Singapore Fan Meet

Issues have circulated that Junhyung cried last night in the fan meeting in Singapore because the Singaporean b2uties have been harsh on their reception of him. 

Contrary to this, CUBE Entertainment has spoken regarding the issue of his being emotional last night, they said "Junhyung is very sensitive. There have been many events with fans, but at this event, the fans were really supporting him; we think he was moved by that and cried because of it."

Since the news of him dating Goo Hara came out last week a lot of people are speculating that he might be in trouble with fans' support but that couldn't be true as the fans they visited first in their Asian Tour since Friday has well received him and the rest of the BEAST members in their countries.

CREDITS: Cube Entertainment; SG B2uties 

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