Sunday, July 31, 2011

BEAST Finished a Successful Fanmeet in Shanghai, China

BEAST, who has unique features and stylish performances are very popular in China. They went to Shanghai for a fan meeting in return for their love.
On that day, BEAST performed with all their might, and surprised the fans with their fluent Chinese. Moreover, they received enthusiastic reactions by single a Chinese song, I’m still loving you.
When they were asked about their impressions of China, Kikwang responded, “Chinese fans in Shanghai are as passionate as the sun. I’m glad that so many fans cheered for us despite it being our first visit to China.”
Hyunseung said, “There are no specific plans yet, but I want to show them our performances next time.” when he was asked about the next official Chinese fan meeting.
Junhyung continued, “We’ll actively work in China to make up for the fans that cheers us on.”


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