Sunday, July 31, 2011

Junhyung Tweets About a Fan Letter from Shanghai

After being on hiatus in a long time in twitter, Junhyung has really finally come back and has been very active lately.

Recently, he tweeted "I just thought about this but during the fansigning in China a Primadonna came up to me and handed me a letter telling me to care for Hongki well keke "

Hongki is FT Island's lead vocalist and a close friend to Junhyung. FT Island call their fans as  Primadonna.

Junhyung immediately followed the said tweet with " Lucky guy" referring to Hongki  and " Don't misunderstand haha the letter was for me".

For quite sometime now, Junhyung and Hongki have been really known to be good friends. 

In one of Hongki's last tweets as well, he mentioned the BEAST rapper, saying that a lot of fans have been giving him gifts that will give him a couple look with Junhyung. But he also thinks that it was a bit weird to do that all the time.  

Obviously, most B2UTIES and Primadonnas value the friendship that these two have.

CREDITS: junhyung twitter; hongki twitter; B2STLYTWEETS  

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