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BEAST Interview at the 1st BEAST Fan Meeting Asia Tour in Thailand

On July 8th at 4:30 PM, BEAST with 6 members flighted to Thailand to hold the “QUICK ZABB PRESENTS THE 1ST BEAST FAN MEETING ASIA TOUR IN THAILAND 2011” event as known was their first official fanmeet in Thailand on July 9. The fanmeet started at 5:00 PM Bangkok time at the Impact Exhibition First Hall, Muangthong Thani.

In addition, they also held the press conference at Patumwan Princess Hotel closely and joyfully with the medias. 

△ Greet everyone and individually introduce yourselves. 
Everyone: Hi, we’re BEAST. It’s Doojoon. Hi, I’m Doojoon. Hi, I’m Kikwang. It’s Junhyung. Hi, I’m Junhyung. It’s Dongwoon. Hi, I’m Dongwoon. It’s Hyunseung. Hi, I’m Hyunseung. It’s Yoseob. Hi, I’m Yoseob.

△ How do you feel about visiting Thailand this time?
△ Are you impressed in anything when you visit Thailand?
△ Can you guys speak Thai much better? 
Doojoon: This time, our visit is different to the latest time since we go to Thailand this time to hold the fanmeet in Thailand. We’ve prepared ourselves for this. We’ve not been here for a long time. I’d like everyone to come and support us.
Yoseob: Even to Korean, I’m still not that fluent to speak. I’ll learn Thai step by step so that I will speak Thai next time. 
Doojoon: ผมรักคุณ (I love you)

△ How did Thai Beauty welcome you?
△ How do you feel about Thai Beauty? Please leave your message to the fans.
Kikwang: I’m very surprised and glad. I’ve not thought that there would be many fans who came and welcomed us like this before. Thank you.

△ How do you prepare yourself about this fanmeet and is there anything special performance in this fanmeet?
△ Leave message to the fans to ask them to attend the concert tomorrow. 
Dongwoon: Actually, we have many Korean singles. It’s pity that we can’t perform those songs here. But you’ll be definitely able to listen a new song and good performance tomorrow.

△ How do you feel that ‘Fiction’ song had been first rank on the Korean music program for 3 weeks?
△ Can we call this ‘The Success’ of BEAST?
△ If not, what do you think that BEAST needs to improve?
Doojoon: To us, we think that we’ve not been successful yet. Since this is just a beginning, with all support from everyone, I’m sure there would be more songs that would be much better in the future.

△ Before BEAST debuted, BEAST had passed through the inconvenience for many times. At that time, did you ever feel something like you didn’t want to be a singer anymore?
Yoseob: Even if we were tired, there were also the friends who always supported us, gave us the suggestion. If there were no the members who always supported me, there wouldn’t have had this position for me. I have to thank to the members.

△ Which dream you would like it to come true the most? How will you guys make it all true? 
Doojoon: The dream of BEAST is to hold the concert in Asia and around the world. We love the music as well as the dance very much. If you have the dream, that means you have to make it true.

△ You’ve been on social network such as Twitter, Cyworld and Blog, in order to communicate with the fans. Have you all communicated with the fans yet?
△ Who is the person who actives in social network the most? Among the members of BEAST, who is the most high-tech and the most low-tech? Please tell us about this.
Yoseob: I am, Hyunseung and Dongwoon are really active on Twitter. But Kikwang is really scared of the technology stuff since whatever he touched or used, it’d be no longer usable. Recently, we went to watch Transformers 3 at the cinema, Kikwang was also scared of it.
Doojoon: It’s actually the action movie. But Kikwang thought it was the horror movie.

△ What did you tweet before the press conference started?
Yoseob: I took the photo of myself and covered my face by my hands and asked the fans that who was in the photo. The fans could answer me correctly that the guy in photo was me.

△ Are BEAST still living in the same dorm?
△ Who has the weird sleeping behavior the most?
△ And who is like the mother that always takes care of the members the best?
Everyone: Yeah, we’re still in the same dorm together.
Yoseob: The person who always do daydream is me.
Doojoon: I also want to daydream like that but I sleep calmly every night.
Junhyung: There’s no one who is like the mother.

△ Each of you, do you have any special talent that you think it’s different or better than other members? 
Yoseob: I’m sorry. We actually do not have any special talent. Just like when we went to the Korean variety show and they asked us with kind of this sentence, we always answered that we don’t have any special talent to show. We’ve to sorry them for many times.

[The question asked to each members]

△To Doojoon…as the leader, who is the most stubborn and doesn’t listen to the leader’s words the most?
△ If you could choose the other member to be the new leader, who do you think that can take the responsibility the best?
A : Everyone, no one listens to my words. If I choose, I choose Dongwoon. That looks great since he’s the youngest. 

△To Yoseob…what have you learned from Immortal Music Classics 2?   
A : I’m very honorable for that. Because it’s the good program. We can sing many good and melodious songs of the seniors. I also learned a lot of things by an umpire’s comment. They told us about the weakness and we’ve to improve it.

△To Yoseob and Kikwang…I’ve known before that you’ve been friend since you were in the high school. Please tell us that how you two were at that time. As compared to now, have you guys changed so much? 
Yoseob: Nothing changed. At that time, Kikwang always did an exercise and now he still always does an exercise. Same to me, I always sang a song and made fun of the friends, and I’m still like that even now.
Kikwang: I think I’ve improved my voice. I was stubborn and liked to make fun of people but now I’m grown up, so my thought also becomes an adult’s thought as well.

△To Kikwang…after the My Princess drama, will you have a new drama? And will the member have the drama as well?
Kikwang: I still don’t have a new drama right now. I’d like to pay attention on the tour concert which has just started the most. After the tour concert ends, I’ll then have the new drama.
Doojoon: The others also don’t have a new drama.

△To Junhyung…you looked so calm, taciturn and shy. Are your behavior like that for real? Everyone please tell a joke about Junhyung.
Junhyung: Actually, I’m not always shy and calm. You know, I’m quite shy but when I’m with my friends, I’ll be a chatterbox and joyful but if I’m with the person whom I’m not closed to, I’ll be just quiet. 
Doojoon: He’s cheerful but if he’s with the person whom he’s not closed to, he’ll be quiet.

△To Dongwoon…I’ve known before you’re the most cry-baby among the members. I’d like to know who is the person whom you do aegyo to and he will do a thing as you asked to the most? And who is the most hard-hearted?
Dongwoon: No one is meek to my aegyo. Until now, I’ve not been successful to do aegyo to anyone yet.

△ Leave a message about your works.
Doojoon: Tomorrow, the first fanmeet of BEAST in Thailand will be held. I’d like everyone to go to. There are a lot of surprises. If you go, you won’t be disappointed. I really would like everyone to go to.
Kikwang: Since we’ll hold the first fanmeet in Thailand tomorrow, I’m really excited. I recommended you to listen to our new songs. The most important thing is to not forget me (HyunSeung) and love me so much!
Junhyung: I’d like everyone to support us. We’ve got a lot of surprises for everyone tomorrow for sure.
Dongwoon: I’m really glad. The fans still welcomed us even if we’ve not been in Thailand for so long. I want everyone to think that the event tomorrow is one of the joyful event that we can be closed together.
Hyunseung: Everyone please come to the fanmeet and take your good memory from the event back. We’ve prepared a lot of surprises. Just want everyone to go to the fanmeet like you went to welcome us at the airport.
Yoseob: I’ll try my best tomorrow. We’ll be BEAST who has been developed.

Source: (soompi)
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