Saturday, July 23, 2011

BEAST Roars Towards Asia, B2UTIES are happy

These are cuts from the behind the scenes in the Malaysia fanmeet  last July 2, 2011.

A clear sign that BEAST’s lion’s roar is loudly spreading in Southeast Asia.

BEAST’s fanmeeting that was held on the 1st in Lagoon, Malaysia resembled a concert. On the morning of, fans from all over Asia gathered around the area, filling the surroundings with excitement. Fans lined up to buy fan goods, lines extending several hundreds of metres. 

The members, holding a tour for the first time in a year and 8 months, their preparations and determination was different. They moved around to every corner venue trying to interact with their fans. The mood heated up more as Doojoon’s birthday party took place. Sports Korea was there for the grand start of the Asia fanmeeting tour that is to be held in 6 different countries.

#Start heavily 

BEAST members entered the stage full of charismatic stage presence. You could see the members’ determination through their strong expressions.

#Happy Birthday to Doojoon 

A birthday event was held for Doojoon whose birthday is in 4 days. Doojoon couldn’t stop smiling while the 5000 fans and his members sang happy birthday to him.

#There is no one else but ‘B2UTYs’!

BEAST thanked the fans while singing their last song. Their fanclub’s name is ‘B2UTY’. BEAST who met their B2UTIES looks like they don’t want to go.

#High touch!

After the fanmeeting, the BEAST members had a High Touch event with the fans. It was a place where they could feel each others warmth through their hands.

#I love you! BEAST

The Malaysian fans, still stuck in the excitement of the performance, they held a ticket that said “I love you” on it. The fan wearing traditional costume and holding a Korean ticket created harmony.

CREDITS: Nate; B2strising

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