Monday, July 11, 2011

B2ST Thanks Fans as Fiction becomes Most Popular Song for May in Melon

Recently Melon has announced that B2ST hit single "Fiction" was the most popular music in their charts during the month of May.

B2ST were overwhelmed and sent their message of thanks to their fans who made this possible.

Q: May’s popular song [is] “Fiction“! Please tell us your thoughts on your first place win.
Doojoon: It’s an honor, thank you very much! But I heard that the nominees were “Rainy Days” and “Fiction”, did you guys know? It’s probably right. I saw it on the internet. So, thank you very much for loving our two songs, “Rainy Days” and “Fiction”; we will meet you guys soon with an improved style.
Q: Please say something to the netizens who voted for and supported B2ST.
Everyone: Thank you!
Yoseob: We will work harder!
Q: What do you think is your secret to your success in Japan?
Yoseob: It must be our strong teamwork. Haha …
Dongwoon: We’ll accept it as a sign to work harder.
Doojoon: Everything is really more than what we deserve, but I hope that everyone looks highly upon our efforts.
Q: How do you feel about your variety appearances?
Junhyung: The fact that each of the members are able to utilize their strong characteristics is great. We hope that we will continue to move forward.
Doojoon: But, we become one with music!
Q: How do you see yourself when you return for your next album?
Hyunseung: Looking towards our next album, we want to do something that’s more fun and exciting, but nothing has been decided yet. It’s just something we’ve talked about before. We promise that our music quality and performances will improve as we release more albums.
Q: Is there someone you want to guest-feature for?
Junhyung: Rather than picking a particular singer, all collarborations are very exciting and special. It doesn’t matter as long as we can musically communicate with each other. Give us a call!
Q: A funny episode during your concert is…?
Doojoon: I fell during our concert performance for “Bad Girl“, and I fell again during the “Bad Girl” encore concert performance as well.
Hyunseung: The funny thing is that it was during the same part. How did you manage that?
Dongwoon: It means it’s your fault.
Doojoon: Yeah, it does…
Q: Any last words for the Melon family?
Doojoon: Yes! Korea’s best music site …
Dongwoon: We use it often as well.
Doojoon: Yes. Thank you so much for loving our music. Please support Korean music as well. Melon will lead Korean music until it becomes world music. We support Melon, so please give us your love and support as well! Until now, it was B2ST! Thank you!

CREDITS: b2utypopsicle

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