Monday, July 4, 2011

BEAST is in the Line-up of Performers in Mezamashi Live in Tokyo

Odaiba Gashuukoku” will be a set up shop once again this summer break in the Odaiba section of Tokyo, right around the Fuji TV headquarters.
As per last year, an outdoor live event titled “Mezamashi Live 2011” will be held inside the “Odaiba Gashuukoku 2011″ and for each of the selected dates, various top artists will make an appearance and perform a special live in front of the audience. This year, a number of famous artists has already confirmed to be participating in “Mezamashi Live 2011″ including Nishino Kana, Nakagawa Shoko, Takahashi Yu, SCANDAL, Salyu, w-inds, and more.
In this event BEAST is expected to be the performer for their July 17 show. This event will happen after their fan meeting on July 16 in Tokyo as part of their Asian Tour leg. A lot of Japanese B2UTIES have been expecting this event already.

CREDITS: Tokyohive

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