Friday, December 31, 2010

Beast Performs in SBS Gayo Daejun 2010

As talked about in the recent articles since last week, BEAST was surprisingly assigned to dance to the tune of T-ara's YAYAYA. And last Wednesday night the said performance was staged in SBS Gayo Daejun 2010. There was a funny skit shown before the said performance and the dance number itself was amazingly funny

After this, they resumed with their biggest track of the year "SOOM", fashioned with new outfits and a remixed version of the song.

They ended the presentation with their latest group's hit track "Beautiful", which they sang for the senior T-ara members.

Before the said performance. KiKwang and Yo Seob also sang a trot in a special number...

View the presentations here: 



Beautiful with T-ara

Trot Song with KiKwang & Yoseob


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

BEAST will be supporting Shinee's Concert

Shinee announced during the weekend that they will be having their concert on January 1st and because they were great artists, not only fans were very much interested to see the show but artists as well.

BEAST had announced that they will be supporting their friends from Shinee on their concert.

For some periods of time that the two groups are releasing new singles at the same time, many fans were concerned that there is a rivalry going on between the two but they always were quick to deny the matter as they see each other as colleagues more than rivals.

Shinee debuted earlier than BEAST and the two groups are most of the time presenting different types of music genre.

BEAST and Shinee are both great artists and they should also do a show together soon.

Monday, December 27, 2010

YoSeob, Drama, KiKwang and HyunSeung Performs in Inkigayo Christmas Special

In the latest episode of SBS Inkigayo, YoSeob performed with his soulmate Drama of the group Dalamatian, with their digital collaboration "First Snow, First Kiss". 

YoSeob and Drama (Daniel) were good friends since trainee days.

View the video of the performance here

Meanwhile, the KiSeung unit of BEAST performed their "Let It Snow" song from their digital album "My Story" 

The RnB song was something new for the two which they matched with very sexy choreography.

You may view the performance here.

These two songs is very fit for the holiday season especially that it's been snowing in Korea right now.

CREDITS: SBS, youtube

B2ST will be Transforming into T-ARA in SBS Gayo Daejun 2010

BEAST is set to turn into pretty girls as they sing T-ARA's Yayaya. This is what to be anticipated in the upcoming, 2010 SBS Gayo Daejun which is happening on the night of December 29.

Aside from that, they will also have a performance together. And they will be paired to each other.

SBS Gayo Daejun will air on the 29th at 9:55PM KST.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

DooJoon's Twitter Update for Christmas

DooJoon tweeted at 1:14AM of December 26.

우리들의 크리스마스는 지나갔습니다.. 

Translation: Our Christmas passed by..

CREDIT: doojoon's twitter

B2ST Performs SOOM in Music Core Christmas Special

After performing by partners in the past week, BEAST finally came back as a group in a special stage performance of SOOM in Music Core.

The performance concept was a bit Gothic and creepy as introduced by the three emcees but the stage setting was like Greek mythology.

And unlike the usual sweet and happy facial expressions that the boys wear during BEAUTIFUL performances, their faces were serious and fierce in this one.

Check out the whole performance here

CR: KNWashington1,

Friday, December 24, 2010

Vote BEAST in the Soompi Gayo Awards 2010

For the sixth year of giving awards has recently announced the nominees for they Soompi Gayo Awards 2010. The awards are for artists who's songs have gained the highest popularity in the Korean music scene for the current year.

BEAST is one of the nominees and being B2UTIES or BEAST fans everyone is encouraged to support the voting. You can log-on to this site You may use your soompi account, if you have one or simply use your Facebook log-in username and password to be able to vote.

All you have to do is drag the picture of BEAST to the first star which indicates 5 votes. That is to give them 5 votes. Then you can also drag the pictures of the other artists you like on the other two stars, which indicates 3 votes and 1 vote. 

You may be able to vote once every 24 hours until Monday, December 27th 11PM EST. Please avoid using fake accounts to avoid disqualification of the votes.

The fan votes' weight is 40% and the other 60% will come from the artist Chart Scores. Winners will be announced on the 31st of December. 

Information about the chart score can be viewed here

Currently, BEAST is at number four in the poll. So we are asking everyone to participate. 


YoSeob and Daniel vs. DooJoon and DongWoon in Music Bank on December 24

Duets had been pretty common in the Kpop scene lately. YoSeob recently joined forces with his old time friend Daniel (aka. Dalmatian's Drama) for a Christmas ballad "First Snow, First Kiss". The song is very much fit for the winter season because of its message and the cool voice of the duo. 

They performed the track live for the second time and this time its in Music Bank stage. Very much in time for the Christmas celebration. You can view the performance here.

Just a few minutes after, DooJoon and DongWoon appeared on the stage to perform their newly released digital ballad When the Door Closes. It is the first time they are performing it in Music Bank. 

The track is about the feeling of a man who is letting go of a woman he love so much but is assuring her that he will be waiting until she comes back. The message of the song was warmly intense as the performance of the DooWoon unit.They sang the song as they play the piano once more. You can view the video of the performance here.

CREDITS: youtube, music bank

Lights Go On Again, the Complete Version

For the fourth and last installment of the digital album collection "My Story", Cube Entertainment finally released the complete version of the track Lights Go On Again.

This song has a short version that was included in the 4th-mini album, which is of the same title and was performed by BEAST live in Music Bank last November 19. 

But this complete version was performed live later in their B2ST Airlines Concert held in Jamsil Stadium last December 12. 

The funky playful sound but soothing melody of the song will make you dance a little while listening to it. Another new genre for the boys.

You can here the full version via youtube here.

Please purchase the original track in Korean Online Music stores to support the artist. Avoid piracy!


B2ST Playing Night Football Games while DooJoon Shows He is a Huge Football Fan

Lately, the boys of BEAST have been tweeting so much about a football match that they were playing on every night. In particular, they tweeted about it last Wednesday (Dec. 22) night and Thursday(Dec. 23) night.

At first, you would think that these boys have been sweating all night trying to match each other's strength on a soccer field, but after YoSeob posted a picture of what game they are playing, you would laugh at yourself for it was a soccer match on a computer.

In the last episode of MCountdown, one of the posted pictures that was taken in the backstage before the show was a picture of DooJoon holding a huge banner of Barcelona soccer team. 

This shows how much passion DooJoon has for this game. He was a soccer player in high school and he was really good at it.

CREDITS: yoseob twitter, MCountdown

HyunSeung and G-Dragon in MCountdown Backstage

In the latest episode of MCountdown where BEAST both hosted and had three performances, one of their members met an old friend during his trainee days.

The BEAST member HyunSeung, who was first known through a documentary he was in during his trainee days at YG Entertainment, met with G-Dragon, who is now very much known from the  group Big Bang,.

Both HyunSeung and G-Dragon have big names now in the music industry but stayed good friends.

In the picture taken, HyunSeung seemed delighted to see G-Dragon while the latter looks so excited as well.

CREDITS: MCountdown

B2ST Debuts their Three New Songs in MCountdown

Nothing else could be better than a show packed with BEAST hosting and BEAST performances. In the December 23 episode of Mnet Countdown, BEAST returned with not just one but three full song performance from their digital album collection, My Story, from which, they have helped so much in composing, individually.

DooJoon and DongWoon opened up with a piano-playing performance for When the Door Closes.  DooJoon wears a black attire and playing on the white piano, while DongWoon is suit-up with an over-all white while playing in the black piano. Check-out the video here.

Right after that, JunHyung and YoSeob's catchy performance came up. The song, Thanks to is truly funky and mesmerizing. The two were like playing on stage for the whole time while sending the message of gratitude to all their fans. View the video here.

And last but the least, is the R&B song Let It Snow by KiKwang and HyunSeung that was just released online that same day. Both of them showed a sexy side of themselves in the slow dance routines they performed on stage. You can see the video here.

Basing from their hosting job and performances during the whole show, it can be considered another giant leap to their careers, being a group who just debuted last year, this is a remarkable accomplishment for them. 

CREDITS: MCountdown, youtube

Backstage Pictorial in MCountdown on December 23 Episode

BEAST were not just guests to be debuting their three unit group songs in MCountdown's December 23 episode but they were also invited to be the emcees during the show.

And before the show started, MCountdown staffs took some pre-show photos of BEAST again as they always do in their previous episodes. Check them out:

The DOOWOON tandem - Leader DooJoon and Maknae DongWoon

The JUNSEOB group - Rapper JunHyung and Main Vocals YoSeob

The R&B duo - KiKwang and HyunSeung (KiSeung)

Looks like they really are having fun!

CREDITS: MCountdown

KiSeung's Let it Snow Finally Revealed

The third day that fans have so much anticipated was reserved for the two great dancers of the group, Lee Kikwang and Jang HyunSeung. This day, their song Let It Snow was not only released via Korean Online Music Stores but also they were able to perform the song live in a show. 

At early 11:00 AM KST, the teaser for the song was uploaded in their official youtube channel. This is quite different from the two pre-teasers that came out from fellow BEAST mates because first, it is longer and second, the act seemed scripted yet the flow of acting between the two were so natural. Unlike YoSeob's and JunHyung's pre-teaser, it has a more mature atmosphere and storyline, which is very much fit for the concept of the song. You can view the teaser here.

Later in the day, the full version of the song was released in Korean Online Music Stores. And was later followed by the 47-second concert teaser video on their official youtube channel. View this video here.

To listen to the full version of the song via youtube, click here.

The song was the 3rd single to be released from their digital album collection, My Story. If DooJoon and DongWoon's When the Door Closes is a ballad and Yoseob and JunHyung's Thanks To is a hip-hop song, this one falls under the genre of Rhythm and Blues or R & B. 

As always, we remind everyone to support the artist by buying their original music and avoid downloading them for free. Together let's fight piracy.

CREDITS: beastofficial youtube channel

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

YoSeob is One of the Best Singers in 2010 who Sang the Most

7 years as a trainee, to the extent that he almost failed to debut because his showing, as claimed by the company representatives, seemed lacking and not too impressive. This is what BEAST member Yang YoSeob's past was all about. 

But thanks to CUBE Entertainment president Hong Seung Sung, he was given a chance. And he promised himself from that day on, that he would always be at his best and do everything to prove that the opportunity given to him was not a waste.

He would always find ways to improve himself more in dancing and especially in singing. He perseveres non-stop with his group mates in order to rise-up to the expectations of the many.

In an earlier interview on a documentary made upon their debut, he stated, "I have been practicing for 5 years now. There are many times that I’ve spent crying and laughing. Now that I think about it, there are a lot of events that tore up my heart. If I keep saying it was tiring then I might look pitiful. I’ve been through so much, the bad times are bad, the hard times are hard.  But I think now is the time to see the light."

Words of encouragement to himself, because he believes there's no one else who would be inspiring him more but his own willingness to go on and strive even harder.

This year, after the promotion of their first two mini-albums from September last year and this March, BEAST took a short break from the stage. YoSeob was able to focus too on his health where he had to undergo a minor surgery in his nasal cavity. Many where worried that it might cause a problem on their come back. But upon the release of the 3rd mini-album during the third quarter of this year, it was proven that YoSeob is indeed fine and a truly talented artist. 

There were two songs included in this album that requires his high pitch, since he is considered as the main vocals of the group. In the first single released, "Clenching a Tight Fist" was a little milder by an inch compared to his part in the second single released, which is "Breathe". In Clenching a Tight Fist, fellow member Jang Hyunseung had shared up with him on the high notes but in Breathe he has to do the "I don't knooooowww"  part alone, which is considered the highlight of the song before it ends. 

And to realize how many times they have to sing 'Breathe' for live performance is truly a remarkable accomplishment for YoSeob. 

After the 3rd mini-album comes far more activities like, the release of the 4th mini-album, his collaboration with trainee mate Daniel (aka. Dalmatian's Drama), promotional tours/showcases in some parts of Asia and the B2ST Airlines Concert.

Truly he was one of the busiest and one of the most promising singers who sang the most in the year 2010. 

It was an amazing year for Yang YoSeob and a triumphant year for BEAST.

CREDITS: kpoplive, BEAST documentary

JunSeob's Thanks To Unveiled Today

As the second offering from the "My Story" digital collection of BEAST, JunHyung and YoSeob's single "Thanks To" was released today.

The song was totally different from DooJoon and Dongwoon's ballad as this one, came under the Hip Hop genre. The very catchy melodic beat and carefully crafted lyrics refers to the unfailing support they get from fans. It was composed to thank the B2UTIES who were always watching and cheering them on, up to this very moment. The powerful soulful voice of YoSeob combined with the perfect rapping skills of JunHyung was a complete package.

Earlier today, a 1:19-minute teaser for the song was uploaded in their official youtube channel. It has scenes of the cute and adorable two, JunHyung and YoSeob, strolling together and having fun in a night-outing escape when suddenly, the CUBE Entertainment President dropped them a call and they immediately hurried back home. View the teaser here.

At around 5PM KST, the full single was on sale in Korean Online Music Stores together with yesterday's release "When the Door is Close". 

To hear the 'Thanks To' single via Youtube, click here. 

At around 6:00PM KST, the song's teaser from their B2ST Airlines concert was also uploaded in their official youtube channel. View the video here

Everyone is encouraged to buy all the singles in the Korean Online Music Stores and not to download it via youtube. Let's continue supporting BEAST and the music industry by avoiding piracy.

CREDITS: beastofficial channel, youtube, b2strising

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kikwang is Chosen by Netizens to be One of the Stars to Date with for Winter Vacation

Recently, Arirang's Pops in Seoul created a survey for the netizens as to who among the stars, they are going to choose to be with on a winter vacation.

And from the results they have gathered, they took the Top 5. Kikwang claimed the No. 3 position, probably for his very warm personality and smile that everyone would love to feel on a very cold winter season.

Others who are in the Top 5 are Sung SiKyung, Ga-In, Younha and Vanilla Lucy's Dahae.

CREDITS: dkpopnews, arirang, gokpop

Kikwang's Not Debuting in JYPE Inquired to JYP Himself

Park Jin Young or better known as JYP was the latest guest who appeared in the KBS2TV's Win Win and he was asked a lot  of controversial questions, including the issue about the show's MC and BEAST member, Kikwang, as to why he didn't let Kikwang to debut in his company.

Those who have already knew Kikwang's trainee days story knew for a fact that he was a JYP Entertainment trainee but he debuted in its sister company CUBE Entertainment. 

Taking it from the exact words of JYPE CEO, he said, "When I first saw Lee Kikwang, I thought both of his singing and dancing skills were excellent. However, he did have one negative side. It was disappointing to see that Kikwang knew of this fact by himself." 

JYP believes that a trainee should have more focus and always have to leave a room for improvement. 

Though he was not impress of Kikwang before he ended the issue by saying, "But, I heard these days that he is the hardest worker amongst artists, I’m proud of him.

CREDITS: NATE, kpoplive

B2ST in SBS and MBC Gayo Daejun and KBS Music Festival 2010

As a tradition, every year that ends, is mark of the special year end presentations of big networks in Seoul. They are shows that is prepared for the artists who have made the music industry very fruitful during the whole year round. 

In all the said shows, BEAST is expected to appear and perform their hit tracks together with other artists who where successful in the year 2010.

We know that B2UTIES are anticipating these so much,so here are the schedules:

SBS Gayo Daejun - December 29 - 9:55PM KST
BEAST would be performing T-ara's YaYaYa and have a joint stage withe T-ara

KBS Music Festival 2010 - December 30 - 8PM KST

MBC Gayo Daejun - December 31 - 9:55PM KST 
BEAST would be in Ilsan MBC Studios 5 & 6

It was expected that would be providing a live streaming on the said dates and time for overseas viewers.

CREDITS:allkpop dkpopnews,,,,