Friday, December 24, 2010

B2ST Debuts their Three New Songs in MCountdown

Nothing else could be better than a show packed with BEAST hosting and BEAST performances. In the December 23 episode of Mnet Countdown, BEAST returned with not just one but three full song performance from their digital album collection, My Story, from which, they have helped so much in composing, individually.

DooJoon and DongWoon opened up with a piano-playing performance for When the Door Closes.  DooJoon wears a black attire and playing on the white piano, while DongWoon is suit-up with an over-all white while playing in the black piano. Check-out the video here.

Right after that, JunHyung and YoSeob's catchy performance came up. The song, Thanks to is truly funky and mesmerizing. The two were like playing on stage for the whole time while sending the message of gratitude to all their fans. View the video here.

And last but the least, is the R&B song Let It Snow by KiKwang and HyunSeung that was just released online that same day. Both of them showed a sexy side of themselves in the slow dance routines they performed on stage. You can see the video here.

Basing from their hosting job and performances during the whole show, it can be considered another giant leap to their careers, being a group who just debuted last year, this is a remarkable accomplishment for them. 

CREDITS: MCountdown, youtube

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