Friday, December 24, 2010

YoSeob and Daniel vs. DooJoon and DongWoon in Music Bank on December 24

Duets had been pretty common in the Kpop scene lately. YoSeob recently joined forces with his old time friend Daniel (aka. Dalmatian's Drama) for a Christmas ballad "First Snow, First Kiss". The song is very much fit for the winter season because of its message and the cool voice of the duo. 

They performed the track live for the second time and this time its in Music Bank stage. Very much in time for the Christmas celebration. You can view the performance here.

Just a few minutes after, DooJoon and DongWoon appeared on the stage to perform their newly released digital ballad When the Door Closes. It is the first time they are performing it in Music Bank. 

The track is about the feeling of a man who is letting go of a woman he love so much but is assuring her that he will be waiting until she comes back. The message of the song was warmly intense as the performance of the DooWoon unit.They sang the song as they play the piano once more. You can view the video of the performance here.

CREDITS: youtube, music bank

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