Friday, December 24, 2010

B2ST Playing Night Football Games while DooJoon Shows He is a Huge Football Fan

Lately, the boys of BEAST have been tweeting so much about a football match that they were playing on every night. In particular, they tweeted about it last Wednesday (Dec. 22) night and Thursday(Dec. 23) night.

At first, you would think that these boys have been sweating all night trying to match each other's strength on a soccer field, but after YoSeob posted a picture of what game they are playing, you would laugh at yourself for it was a soccer match on a computer.

In the last episode of MCountdown, one of the posted pictures that was taken in the backstage before the show was a picture of DooJoon holding a huge banner of Barcelona soccer team. 

This shows how much passion DooJoon has for this game. He was a soccer player in high school and he was really good at it.

CREDITS: yoseob twitter, MCountdown

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