Sunday, July 24, 2011

Despite an Earthquake in Japan, BEAST Locks Down a Successful Fan Meeting

BEAST held a fan meeting in Tokyo the day after an earthquake and managed to draw in an astounding 12,000 fans.
On July 18th, Cube Entertainment stated that there was an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.5 that struck the Tokyo-Ryogoku area, but despite initial concerns, a great mass of fans turned up for the event, which reportedly went very smoothly.
BEAST opened their fan meeting with a ’special’ strong performance. No different from a Korean concert, Japanese fans sang along to “Soom“, “Shock“, “Beautiful“, “Fiction“, and many other tracks in Korean and also shouted cheer slogans.
Aside from their live performances, BEAST also held a talk session with their fans. They even called some fans on stage and gave them hand-drawn portraits.
Cube also reported that stocks of BEAST-related merchandise sold out like wildfire, as fans queued up since the early morning to grab the best seats and items.
BEAST are currently traveling to six different Asian countries to hold fan meetings with an estimated 40,000 fans. Having wrapped up a successful stop in Japan, the boys will move onto Taiwan for the 22nd-23rd and then to China on the 30th.

CREDITS: Allkpop

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