Sunday, July 24, 2011

BEAST-4Minute-G.Na, Concert to be held on top of the Japanese wave…

Cube Entertainment stars BEAST and 4Minute, and also G.Na are coming out in the Japanese wave.

Cube Entertainment stated on the 6th "On August 25th 4Minute, BEAST, G.Na, all the artists under Cube will attend the family concert "UNITED CUBE in JAPAN" that will be held in the Budokan in Tokyo, Japan.

The concert at the Budokan in which 4Minute, BEAST, and G.Na are going to attend was requested by the fans in Japan after hearing news about Cube holding their first family concert. Prior to this concert, on August 14th, "UNITED CUBE CONCERT" will be held at the Seoul Jamshil Stadium.

BEAST who held a successful showcase with 10 000 fans even before their debut in Japan, debuted with their single "SHOCK" in March and even achieved 2nd on the Oricon Charts, and their single "BAD GIRL" released in June achieved 3rd on the Oricon Charts, slowly settling in in Japan.

Through BEAST's Asia fanmeeting tour that is currently proceeding, an official Japanese fanclub "B2UTY Japan" may be opened depending on the popularity of the fanmeeting.

G.Na, who participated in BEAST's showcase last November, received loud cheers from the Japanese audience, receiving a green light to advance into Japan.


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