Monday, July 11, 2011

BEAST Received Positive Effects because of the Rainy Season

BEAST, who recently rose to the top, is experiencing a funny situation where they are topping online charts because of the effects of the rainy season.

BEAST recently made a comeback with "Fiction", dominating various online-broadcast charts. BEAST, who ended their one month promotions for their Japanese and Asia tour, have unexpectedly placed first on online charts during the rainy season.

Besides 'Fiction", BEAST also received lots of popularity with their pre-released song "On Rainy Days". "On Rainy Days" received as much love as "Fiction" and ranked high on music charts. Also, due to the heavy rainfall during the rainy season, "On Rainy Days" topped certain music charts.

An official stated "On Rainy Days" is facing a situation where the song ranks higher on charts on rainy days and "We can't only be happy about getting damage because of the rainy season."

CREDITS: NATE; b2strising

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