Tuesday, July 26, 2011

For Shinsadong Tiger 'Fiction' is his Best Small Success

A hit maker with his own name, Shinsadong Tiger thinks that their 'success' is different from the usual criteria.

Shinsadong meets with the reporter and said confidently that BEAST's 'Fiction' is one of their small but great success. At the same time, 'Fiction' is shown by BEAST with faithful B2UTY, with a unique and clear style showing a different side to the song.

Shinsadong explained "Throughout since their debut, I thought BEAST needed a change. I helped how the album looked melodically and I wanted to put the unique ability of a vocal so that it fits the song nicely, like how I wanted it to be ". In fact, the success of the song to be placed as first place was not the real intention of Shinsadong.

"Honestly, I got the sound inspiration on the first day while sitting in front of the monitor, checking the positions of the charts and it is a lie if i said that it is not a burden to make it to number 1. Then the following came as song guidelines whether will it be there or not."

'Fiction' really did succeed in showing a different image of BEAST from this song. Through 'Fiction', it is true that BEAST gains more popularity as it really reaches through many layers of interest of enthusiasts. 

Shinsadong also has plans to work with BEAST more in the future. "Beast are not without their songs but to make their songs twice as hit, I will take in as their producer. But now at the moment, this BEAST team and the members is a pleasure to work with. There is no reason to change their enjoyment and money."


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