Monday, July 11, 2011

Doojoon Shared an Adorable Set of Selcas taken with his Group Members.

Via twitter, Doojoon shared an adorable set of selcas taken with his group members.

Along with the first photo of himself and a mostly hidden Hyunseung in the background, Doojoon wrote, “The peace-man who never stops singing, with his peace-sign the peace-man.”

For his photo with Dongwoon he commented, “Maknae is all better now,” and the pair have goofy expressions on their faces to prove it. As Dongwoon has just recovered after being sick for a day.

Kikwang is seen on the couch reaching out for Doojoon with a surprised look, a photo the latter dubbed “The playful Babykwang.”

In the calmest photo of the set, Doojoon is seated beside rapper Junhyung with the caption, “First class joker.”

The first photo he shared with Yoseob states, “Sleeping Yo-monster,” to which Yoseob quickly tweeted back, “I don’t know why you’re calling me Yo-monster! I’m filing a complaint.” However, the leader had the last word by sharing a second photo with Yoseob cleverly labeled, “The complaint man.”

Fans commented, “From peace-man to complaint-man there are a lot of new nicknames,” “You guys play like you’re in elementary school,” and “So adorable.”

After holding a successful fanmeeting in Thailand on July 9th, B2ST will now head to Japan on the 16th, Taiwan from the 22nd to 23rd, and China on the 30th to greet their international fans.

Credits: Allkpop; Dojoon twitter

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