Friday, July 29, 2011

Junhyung Returns to Twitter

Junhyung who is known to be very much fond of twitter, like BEAST leader Doojoon, has been on hiatus for quite sometime in the said social networking site since last month.

Many speculations surrounded his decision of being absent in twitting. Some fans said that it maybe because he doesn't want to comment or explain about his relationship with Kara's Hara that's why he decided to move away for a while from posting any tweets days before the relationship issue was revealed.

He would still appear on the timelines of his followers only if he has to plug a song in which he has participated or when he needed to greet someone who is very important to him.

But just recently, last July 28, Junhyung finally made a sign of come back to twitter by posting "Hello". The next day he also posted a photo with S. Tiger at the studio with the message "The posture of learning"

Later on he made another tweet with the message, "Whether you spill everything or get shined by it..."  This one is quite hard to interpret but most fans thought it could be another of those lyrics he is using for another song he is composing. 

He also sent a message to his good friend from Supreme Team, Simon D., asking for a welcome in his return to twitter. Simon was asking him in an earlier message if BEAST are also in japan as Supreme Team is currently promoting there too. But Junhyung explained that they are not. Simon later on tweeted a message of welcome to the BEAST rapper.

Surely, this is a joyful event for many Junhyung fans out there. Hoping he won't be on hiatus again in twitter

CREDITS: junhyung's twitter; trans o9f tweets: b2stlytweets & b2utiesloveb2st.tumblr     

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