Sunday, July 31, 2011

Junhyung Informs B2UTIES that He was the Mastermind

Junhyung informed the fans on one of his last tweets that he was the BEAST member who is the founder of the airport punishments and proudly wants a compliment for it. 

In their recent out-of-town shows, some BEAST members were receiving punishments after they lose a certain game. 

Usually, the game wasn't being revealed, only the punishments, which often can be seen by fans when they finally showed-up at the airport from the out-of-town trips. 

The first member that was given a forfeit was Yoseob who was asked to wear a colorful tattoo-like warmer in his arms after their Taipei fan meet & MTV World Stage performance.

The last one who was given a punishment was Kikwang who needed to wear his sun glasses upside down.

Playful BEAST...

This game  and punishment kind of reminds us of Junhyung's close friend from Super Junior, Heechul...

CREDITS: junhyung twitter; duyong2st; yong company; the joker

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