Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Doojoon Says "We think We're Above MBLAQ Now"

B2ST’s members have expressed their feelings about their popularity compared to MBLAQ, who debuted around the same period.
They showed their sociable sides on the July 20th episode of MBC’s “Radio Star”.
Upon the question of comparing their popularity to that of MBLAQ, the members expressed their honest thoughts stating, “As of now, we think we’re above them”.
Doojoon honestly shared his thoughts stating, “In the beginning, we were way behind MBLAQ during our debut period. We felt pathetic compared to MBLAQ at the time, to the point where we even thought of finding something else to do for a living”.
Doojoon continued, “We also envied the ultimate backing that MBLAQ had from Rain“.
The members of B2ST ended with, “But when we’re not active, we think we’re below MBLAQ. I think the two teams are always competing with each other”, sharing their good intentions about the friendly competition between the two groups.

CREDITS: Allkpop

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