Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yoseob Comforts an Aspiring Singer Through Twitter

On February 21st, Yoseob received a message on his Twitter from an aspiring singer that said she was sick. In response, he tweeted, "When people sing a lot, vocal cord nodules are very frequent."

The fan and aspiring singer visited the hospital and was officially diagnosed with a vocal cord nodule. She said, "I visited the hospital today and saw the nodule with my own eyes. It was very scary. I am really scared." She finished by admitting that after hearing her diagnosis, she even wanted to jump in front of a passing car on the road.

Yoseob responded to her with, "When I was first diagnosed with vocal cord nodules, I had the same thoughts. You can think of vocal cord nodules as calluses that form after you practice singing a lot. Be proud that you practiced that hard because practice allows you to become successful." Yoseob continued with, "A lot of singers around me have been diagnosed with vocal cord nodules. After they went through surgery, they were able to start singing comfortably again. I hope that you can go to a big hospital and also not be afraid to receive the correct diagnosis. Cheer up!"

The fan responded with, "I will go through it just like you did and be able to sing comfortably again. I will show you a new image, not a sick one, in the future!"

Other fans have commented, "This is your dream, do not lose hope!" and "Get well soon!" Best wishes to this fan while she undergoes surgery and recovers!

CREDITS: Star News, Koreaboo, Yoseob's Twitter

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