Thursday, February 24, 2011

DooJoon and KiKwang Reports About the A Pink Name Contest

Doojoon and Kikwang transformed into news anchors.
Recently, an Internet portal revealed a video titled ‘A-Pink Name Contest’ that is attracting attention. In this video, Doojoon and Kikwang transformed into news anchors to report the news entitled ” Rookie girl group A-Pink’s Name Contest “, stirring up laughter.
Doojoon reported, ‘ This is a news flash. A Cube’s new girl group is now a hot topic. These few days, it has become the top searched topic online. I will now let news anchor Lee Kikwang give you a detailed report on it.’
Kikwang stated,’ This is the situation. A-Cube’s upcoming girl group will debut soon and they are looking for a name. This news appeared online and the response has been enthusiastic.’
They then introduced in detail how to participate in the contest. They also gave a preview of an upcoming reality program. ‘All will be revealed on TV channels soon’.
After that, Kikwang said, ‘I already saw them in the company.’ Doojoon asked, ‘ Are they pretty?‘ His curiosity aroused laughter.


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