Monday, February 21, 2011

YoSeob's Post After the Encore Concert

[trans]  The concert may have ended, but  the disappointment and regrets from 18th and 19th keeps appearing in my mind! I guess alot of B2uty felt the same way too right! It seems like beast and b2uty had created some great and enriching memories!
Ahh.. I wanted to give all the B2uty who were present some fan service.. assuring that I don’t miss out any areas. Hence I even came to the place where it is not for performance to perform dilligently ^^~ If you felt disappointed because I went to other areas more often, then please be present at our next concert and by then I will perk up and run more and more and more dilligently!! Promise! Also, do not feel too disappointed and please only remember theose beautiful memories. ^^
Till now, I still cannot forget b2utys’ eyes!! I hope that day(the next concert) will arrive..!
Thanks to all who came to our concert.. In addition..  for those who are unable to join us in the concert this time round, we will work harder for the next upcoming concert. Thank you b2uty!
CREDITS: BEASTCN(Source); Ada@mybeastyboys(TRANS)

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