Sunday, November 28, 2010

B2ST Successful Showcase in Japan

Nov 28 2010, 03:11 PM

On November 27, B2ST finally answered the call of all Japanese B2UTIES when they came up with a showcase entitled "The Legend of Beast", which was prepared by CUBE Entertainment and Universal Music Japan.

From Haneda Airport, B2ST traveled boarding a rented helicopter, with their name written on it, to Tokyo Big Sight in Ohdaiba, which is the venue of the showcase. Around 10,000 people were already there waiting for them in the very early hours of the day to line up and form their name "B2ST", which was clearly visible from the aerial view, as they arrived by a chopper. B2ST said, they felt so happy with the warm welcome they received from the Japanese fans.

It could be recalled that it was not a week ago since they debuted at No.6 in the Oricon charts. More than 40 representatives from different Japanese media attended the press conference held before the showcase and they had agreed that B2ST has a great potential to become hallyu stars.

In the showcase event, a lion and a tiger were placed at the center of the stage to show even more highlight to their beastly concept. The two animals were then removed right after their first song to give them a rest from the noise, showing how B2ST were concerned with the animals too. The stage has 6 huge monitors hanged in circle and all the fans can see the boys in every angle. The venue has around 10,000 seats. G.Na supported her label mates by performing as front act with her hit song "I'll Back off so You can Live".

B2ST performed a total of 9 songs from all their four mini-albums. Including their latest hit song "Beautiful". Fans that were interviewed on the venue commented that YoSeob is probably the most popular member in Japan because of his cuteness, but each of the members has their own share of fans. As the boys performed on stage, the fans saw their different sides and nature, from beastly image to their aegyo image.

DooJoon's grateful messages to the Japanese crowd were overflowing throughout the show. JunHyung revealed that they did take a bit of a review of their Japanese language but he said, it was still pretty tough on them.

According CUBE Entertainment CEO Hong Seung Sung, they are formally releasing the official Japanese B2ST album by February of next year. And they are planning for the much-awaited Southeast Asian tour in the first half of 2011. He said their real goal was to create not only Kpop artists but Asian artists to be world renown artists.

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