Sunday, November 28, 2010

B2ST Getting Addicted to Twitter

Nov 23 2010, 01:39 AM

It's just been barely a couple of weeks since the last two members of B2ST, Dongwoon and YoSeob had started their Twitter accounts but now they have become professional twitters or simply we can say that they have gone addicted to it.

They were twitting to the delight of their fans. They have posted photos and exchanged funny messages with each other and also with their managers and other Kpop idols, which in turn update the B2UTIES as to what is happening to them every minute of the day.

They do the twitting whenever they are taking a break during rehearsals or about to start a shooting or a pre-recording of a show. They even tweet before going to their short sleeps. Lately, the boys were so busy with their preparation for the promotion of their 4th mini-album and for the concert on Dec.12 and they often sleep late at night or sometimes take a nap, only after sunrise. YoSeob tweets even as late as 2AM or as early as 4AM when he wakes up.

DongWoon had posted his most number of tweets, which is a total of 14 on Nov.17 while YoSeob posted 13 tweets in both Nov.18 and 19. Leader DooJoon whose average tweet in a day is usually just 4 has posted his most number of tweets last Nov. 17 as well, (he started tweeting since April 8, 2010) as he was exchanging conversations with his B2ST mates and thanking B2UTIES for their never ending support. JunHyung posted majority of his tweets on Nov. 16 and 20. While KiKwang, who often has a busy schedule tweeted the least, since he started in the Twitter world.

With the fondness of B2ST members with this virtual site, it is expected that one of these days HyunSeung will join the fun as well, as more other Kpop idols are doing the same thing, including their managers and company CEO's

The best advantage that Twitter has done to these idols was that they were able to personally thank their fans for their unwavering support. The website also helped a lot in the artists' promotion of their albums.

Just like one of the fans said, Twitter has been really boring before, until Kpop idols finally invaded it. laugh.gif

CREDITS for photos:,,,, @BeeeestDJ, @Joker891219 @B2stGk @beastdw @helloimys 

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