Sunday, November 28, 2010

YoSeob and Dalmatian's DRAMA Reveals a Song, The Teaser

Nov 27 2010, 02:10 PM

B2ST’s Yoseob and Dalmatian’s DRAMA will be releasing a digital collaboration single entitled “First Snow and First Kiss” on November 29th. The single has excited fans from both B2ST and Dalmatian's camps. FYI: the boys have been friends since their trainee days and were often referred to as ’soul mates’. Additionally, the boys are also the main vocalists of their respective groups, so many are wondering how their powerful vocals will be showcased in harmonium.

A MV teaser for the pending MV release has been revealed.
View it here: "First Snow and First Kiss" Teaser

A representative of Dalmatian’s agency revealed that throughout the jacket photoshooting and recording of the song, their strong friendship could be seen. The special collaboration of ‘First Snow and First Kiss’ will be a great song to listen to for a lovely and warm winter.” In this teaser, the melody of the song and the two's strong voices are calling so much attention already.

CREDITS: Daum,, dkpopnews

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