Monday, January 31, 2011

Comedian Song Yong Gil Embarrasses DooJoon

Comedian Song Yong Gil gave DooJoon some strong and unexpected words in the 30th episode of KBS2TV’S Gag Concert. Of course, anyone who guests in this show knows they could not avouid humiliation, not even DooJoon.
Song Yong Gil told Doojoon, ” You were very happy when Lee Hyori said you were her ideal type, weren’t you? She only said those silly words because she’s old.” , making everyone laugh.
He then continued by saying, "I will now show the difference between us.” He then used screams from the audience to test whose more popular. Because the screams for Doojoon are louder, he joked,’ Why is it so quiet in here?’
He said once more, ‘Scream if you think I’m handsome. I know everyone will scream up to three octaves until their throats bleed.’, making the audience even laugh more.
After showing off the fat under his eyes, the comedian told Doojoon ," I’ll grow tired of you if I keep seeing you. Can you go down?’"
And Doojoon could not do anything but bring the humiliation with him and exit.


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