Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gun-I Remains Loyal to the Princess

In a recent photo posted by MBC My Princess homepage, KiKwang could be seen in his chef's uniform in the palace balcony staring at the sky as if dreaming of something. 

It came with the caption, ‘Our Kikwang’s chef-dol pose, how can the princess noona not see it? Our chef’s innocence, keke, please anticipate episode 9 next Wednesday! The cameraman in front comes from Japan, he’s in the midst of recording for a Japanese feature on Beast.’

Many viewers were concerned lately as they were not seeing Gun-i (Kikwang's character) in the recent episodes.

Kikwang's character plays a very strong and loyal supporting character to Lee Seol, the princess, which is played by Kim TaeHee


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