Sunday, January 30, 2011

KiKwang Gets Humiliated Once More, Now as an Avatar Date

An episode ago in MBC Hot Brothers, Kikwang made a girl cry that caused him not to gain some points that he needed to win in the challenge given to him.

And this Sunday's episode, he played together with FT Island's Lee Hongki as avatar dates of Park Myung Soo and Park Hui Sun

In the date he asked the lady, "Who is your favorite artist?" The lady answered that she liked Beast so much. This, of course delighted Kikwang. But then the lady continued by saying "But I like DooJoon a lot". And KiKwang suddenly lost his smile.

To lighten up his mood he then asked again with a fighting spirit, "If you were to choose between me and DooJoon, who would you choose?" 

The lady didn't even blink and answered "Honestly, it would be DooJoon." What could be more humiliating than that answer?

HongKi who was there too, tried his luck by asking " Do you like me or Jung Yonghwa better? ". And the lady answered again that she liked YongHwa better.  And it was a quite embarrassing for HongKi as well.

CREDITS: mbbwp, beastchina, starnews

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