Thursday, January 27, 2011

BEAST Occupies half of the Charts for Pre-Order Sales in Tower Records Japan

Tower Records has revealed today that BEAST is currently occupying at least 5 spots from the Top 10 spots of album pre-ordered sales from Top 1.

On January 25th, fans noted that BEAST had locked down the top two spots on the chart with their “SHOCK [CD + DVD] Limited Edition C” at #1, and “Limited Edition B” at #2.

BEAST’s first DVD, ‘SO, BEAST – THE CLIPS’ placed 5th on the chart. And they are also occupying the # 8 and # 9 spot.

The remarkable thing about this is that BEAST had nothing but just a mini-showcase with 10,000 fans there last year and no formal launching or promotions yet. 

Many are also saying that it is also rare for an album debut to take over half of the charts and even land on the two top spots.

This is surely the biggest sign of success for BEAST, as another Korean boy group to become huge in Japan.

Not to mention the ever growing fanbase of BEAST from different parts of the world not only from Asia but even in Europe and America. 

Recently, beastchina had express their support for the boys by attending the Idol Athletic Sports Championship. The official fancafe, B2STRISING also has a record of increasing population every week. 

BEAST is set to promote in Japan starting next month.

CREDITS: allkpop, DAUM

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