Sunday, October 23, 2011

B2ST appointed as newest models for cosmetic brand A’PIEU

Cometic brand A’PIEU has appointed the charismatic boy group B2ST as their newest models.
A’PIEU mainly targets ladies in their late teens to early 20′s with the concept of ‘pure and innocent 20′s’. With this in mind, they’ve chosen the idol group to intensify their brand’s pure and trendy image.
A representative from the brand’s marketing team remarked, “The members of B2ST are multi-talented entertainers; they not only sing, but write and compose their own music, act in dramas and make appearances on variety shows… They possess the sensitive and pure image of young boys, as well as intense masculine charisma at the same time, and it will work will with our own concept.”
B2ST will be shooting their A’PIEU CF with actress Park Eun Bin.


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