Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kikwang and Doojoon remind Junsu of the JYJ members?

JYJ‘s Junsu recently revealed his close friendship with Kikwang and Doojoon, on Twitter.
On September 30th, Junsu tweeted Doojoon stating, “Doojoon-ah~ While I was looking at you and Kikwang today, laughter came out for some reason.” To which Doojoon replied, “Father’s laughter?” Kikwang, seeing the exchange between the two, chimed in, “Why laughter? How come I’m the only one who doesn’t understand?” Junsu then replied, “You two just… how should I say this… remind me of my members?”
Seeing the friendly Twitter exchange between the three, Netizens commented, “B2ST and JYJ seem good together. But, who is Jaejoong and who is Yoochun?,” “Junsu always had a cute image, so it’s a little awkward to hear his laughter referred to as ‘father’s laughter’,” and “It’s nice to see such a warm sunbae-hoobae relationship.”
Junsu, Doojoon, and Kikwang are currently members of the same celebrity soccer team, FC MEN.


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