Saturday, November 12, 2011

5000 Fans Came to See Beast’s “Promise Event”, “Overwhelmed Emotion”

On 16th and 17th, Beast had their first album, So Beast, album promotion event and had a chance to meet with 5000 fans at Tokyo, and Osaka, Japan

When the album released on August 10th, right away, Beast’s album was placed in 2nd place at Oricon Style Chart and those who bought the album was placed in a contest and was randomly picked to be in the event either at Tokyo or Osaka.

In the first day of the event at Tokyo Shibuya’s AX-Hall, alot of fans cheered when the beast came out.

On this day, when the fans heard about Doojoon’s injury to his knees, worrisome fans out-cried about the situation, but Yoon Doojoon said with a smile, “It would be cool when you will get see your fans closely as your friends”.

On 15th at 5 o clock, during their first, “Promise Event”, each fans were able to get inside of Beast individual members’ booth and was able to talk with them individually face to face.

Before a fan was able to get into the booth, fans were happy that they were about to talk to one of the members of Beast even though they wont know who that member will be.

In this event, it was suppose to have the Beast members giving the fans a wristband that says their name and “SO BEAST”. But the Beast members changed it little bit by making them promises to the fans saying “We Will Meet Again” with a pinkie finger crossed. Afterwards, excited fans came out crying.

A fan named Mika from Nagoya said, “I was nervous while I was waiting. When I finally went into the booth, I saw Doojoon smiling with a band in his hand. At that moment, I cried immensely. I was worried that about Doojoon’s injury,, but I was happy when the members greet the fans with open arms.”

This is first time other than Beast that Asian boy group entered TOP 3 for the third time in a row since their debut.


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