Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fans want to study abroad with BEAST

The Embassy of Canada in Korea recently conducted a fun survey. For the survey, they asked 500 participants over the course of two weeks (October 10th to the 24th) on which Korean celebrity they would most like to study abroad with. The boys of BEAST came in at #1, seizing 39% of the votes. Voted #1 amongst the female celebrities was Park Ha Sun with 35% of all votes.
BEAST is a rising star in the Korean entertainment industry, and they are well known for their charismatic stage presence as well as their witty personalities. Most of fans that flew in from overseas to the 2011 Asia Song Festival with UNICEF were there to see BEAST, and the boys also garnered much attention as one of the top K-pop stars, and were even recently selected to endorse cosmetics in a CF.
Park Ha Sun had a very conservative and quiet role in the MBC Kdrama ‘Dongee‘ that well suited her image, but she has recently made a small transformation in MBC’s ‘HighKick 3 – Counterattack of the Short Legs‘, as a humorous and goofy professor.
Other male stars that fans picked to study abroad with were Park Si Hoo (20%), Rain (15%), Kim Lae Won (10%), and Lee Dong Wook (8%). The female stars were rounded up with Moon Chae Won (22%), UEE (16%), Soo Ae (12%), and Lee Min Jung (12%).


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