Friday, February 10, 2012

Cube Entertainment reveals its list of official fan sites from 24 different countries

Cube Entertainment has announced some very exciting news for its international fans!
On February 8th, the agency revealed that they’ve endowed ‘official fan site’ status to 46 global websites dedicated to their artists. These fan sites come from 24 different countries such as Chile, the United States, Russia, the Philippines, and more.
According to Cube,  4 minute will have 15 global fan sites, B2ST will have 21, and will open 10.
The agency reviewed over 150 fan sites for eight days, starting from January 17th. Officials examined reports submitted by each site regarding member activity and future management plans before deciding on a final list.
These official fan sites will help pave the way for Cube’s future plans to enter the global market, while simultaneously creating a closer relationship with their supporters from all over the world.
Click here for the complete list.

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