Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cube Entertainment to release, ‘B2ST 2011 Encore Concert 3D’ movie

Last year, B2ST held a phenomenal concert called ‘Welcome Back to B2ST Airline’ in February of 2011 — an event that drew an audience of 24,000. Now fans will get to relive the concert all over again, but this time in the format of a 3D movie!

We’ve just been informed by Cube Entertainment that ‘B2ST 2011 Encore Concert 3D (Welcome Back To B2ST Airline)’ will be released in theaters all across Korea on February 23rd.

The movie will deliver never-before-seen rehearsal footage as well as backstage shots through 3D visuals and a spectacular sound quality. Of course, fans will get to relive performances of B2ST’s best hits, such as “Shock”, “Soom”, Beautiful”, and “Mystery”, as well as special unit duets.

Having reached #2 on the Oricon chart in Japan with the concert DVD alone, the film for ‘Welcome Back to B2ST Airline’ is also expected to gain a positive response within Korea.

In related news, B2ST has kicked off their world tour in Seoul, and will be heading to Berlin next for their ‘Beautiful Show in Berlin’ concert.


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