Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Junhyung to release a solo song

Prior to BEAST's first concert for their "Beautiful Show" world tour this coming February 4, BEAST's fierce rapper Junhyung will be revealing his first solo song this February 3 titled "I can live without you". 

BEAST already released their ballad "I Knew It" as a preparation for their concert and it already was an instant hit among fans. Just a day before their concert, On midnight February 3, Junhyung's song will be revealed and high expectations are already set for Junhyung's first time releasing a solo song.The song is entitled "Living without you"

A lot are to look forward to from BEAST this year and the member's are going to show their individual charms through their concert in Korea this coming 4th and 5th of February.

Source: dkpopnews

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