Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kikwang and Hyosung Parodied Famous Sit-up Scene From Secret Garden

On the 22nd episode of 100 Points out of 100, Kikwang and SECRET’Hyosung guested and parodied the famous sit-up scene from the hit drama series,  “Secret Garden“.
Because Kikwang had always named Hyosung as his ideal woman, cast members were more than happy to pair the two together. Although Hyosung agreed to the parody, she still expressed her shyness by keeping a fair of amount of distance from Kikwang once the scene began rolling.
MC Park Kyung Lim, frustrated by the slow development of pace, abruptly cut them off and asked Hyosung to inch in closer. Despite her lead, the couple failed to close the gap any further, leading MC Kim Shin Young to jump in and add, “If you’re that far apart, how are you going to hear his heart beat?”
Check out the funny scene again:

CREDITS: allkpop; NATE

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