Sunday, April 24, 2011

On April 22nd, Super Junior’s Heechul, Junhyung, and Supreme Team’s Simon D showed off their close friendship through a photo.
Heechul tweeted, I’m over at Simon D’s with YongYong. I’m not even kidding, we’re always just hanging out with only men, talk about male loyalty. Poor YongYong, he can only ever hang out with men because of me.”
In the picture, netizens can see the three sitting in the couch with Heechul wearing a spongebob socks.
This is not the first time Heechul posted a photo of him hanging around with Junhyung. Previously, he posted another one but it was with Epik High's Mithra (April 18th) and another on April 13th together with Mithra again and FT Island's Lee Hongki. 
These boys have developed their friendship for some months already and even call their groups before as choco boys. In absence is actor Jang Jeun Seuk who is currently promoting his album around Korea and Asia but he used to hang out with them before as well.

CREDITS: heedictator's twitpic; NATE; Allkpop

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